The Best of You Exhibition organised by Julie’s biscuit

The Best of You social movement kickstarted by household biscuit label, Julie’s, in this October showcase inspiring works from established and up-and-coming local talents. I am privileged to be invited to the Private Launch of The Best of You Exhibition on 21 October, 5.30pm, at the central atrium of Marina Square, in celebration of the people and experiences that have brought out the best in us.

Highlights include the screening of short films from acclaimed directors Royston Tan and Lawrence Ong, pastry chef Janice Wong’s edible confectionary installation and a selection of works by emerging artists such as Lim Qi Xuan and Kelly Lim of The Hanana.

The event attracts people from all walks of life and was definitely very inspiring and mind stimulating for me to think of who brings out the BEST of ME in my life. I hope they will have this exhibition annually and who knows I will also be contributing my work for my next one 🙂

Scroll down for all the pictures taken at the event 🙂 Dedicate for those who are there and those who missed it. Enjoy the pictures.

The Stage





choir from MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School


Stunning Yasminne Cheng as the host for the event 🙂



This movement is simple.It is about asking yourself “Who is the best of you?”

More photos of the exhibitions :

BIL_5176 BIL_4931 BIL_4906 BIL_4709 BIL_4685 BIL_4552 BIL_4493 BIL_4465 BIL_4455 BIL_4406 BIL_4405 BIL_4258 BIL_4242 BIL_4235 BIL_4207 BIL_4202 BIL_4160 BIL_4157

And a photo of me and Royston Tan.

And Big Thank you to Mr. Sai Tzy Horng (Julie’s Biscult) for having this Great idea giving all the great talents to display their wonderful works 🙂

For more information and view the inspiring ideas :

Like facebook page :

Signing off here, xoxo, Ginevi

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