Naturel Bento Workshop

Hi everyone.

i have watched the past year Naturel Bento Making Workshop. it seems fun and decided to sign up

The one that was with Christine Neo

Date: 27 September 2014
Venue: My Private Chef 61 Tras Street Singapore 079000
Time: 10am – 1.30pm (Session 1)
3pm to 6.30pm (session 2)
Price: $48 per pax
Freebie: Goodie Bag worth $25


Let’s take a look at some pictures taken that day.

The 3 types of Bento to choose for20140927_145205

Christine demostrating the bento set


The crowd was pretty attentive



We are back at our area with all the ingredients ready for us to make


So happy to be able to start making, the ingredients are all well prepared for us to start. 🙂

Happy snails is so cute too. the mushroom was so fun to make using the cherry tomato.




This is the chirpy bird. it is one of the kids favourite coz the little bird is so cute.20140927_174605


This is the bento i have made. Cute tiger cubs and a little bird.


Two rice dough and lots of vegetables. 🙂 the bird news and the little bird takes alot of patient tp do it and ta da… finally i have finished!!! 🙂



The overall experience was so good because i get to learn to slowly and patiently to make each part of the tiger and also adopt some creativity in making the tiger look cute. Also, christine commented that my bento box was very cute haha coz 2 tiger and 1 bird in the middle.

The taste of the bento really does make a difference. it is more yummy.

And this is the goodie bag to take home. can start to try out cooking with naturel ingredients. Thank you so much and i am very glad i can try the new recipe at home too.


in fact some of the people who signup was telling me that they feel like coming to the next session and hopefully they teach something new. i can’t wait for the next workshop to be up again too.

Signing off here, xoxo, Ginevi

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