Maybelline Big Eyes Collection – My 3 favourite items

In the month of October, Maybelline introduces the Big Eyes Collection with a series of makeup products that enhances the eyes.


i have always feel that my eyes need a little more effort and enhancement is needed to make it beautiful. i am very glad to know about this collection, so now let me introduce you my 3 favourite items.

Maybelline Big Eyes Volum’Express Mascara (Waterproof)


This is the first time i saw a dual-ended brush for a captivating eye opening false lash effect. This is pretty amazing because i feel that the brush of the mascara for the upper lash helps to push my lashes up and widen it.



My upper lashes is very long and have the false lash effect, it does not clump. making my eyes wide.


The lower lashes mini brush is something i have been looking for because it is just nice for my lashes and does not clump up.


i really love this innovation and it is worth to buy. i love how the lower lashes can be seen now using this waterproof mascara.

Next to complete the look with love bag big eye liner for the lower eye, slightly above my eye bag. this is shimmery and it is nice for a kawaii look. i love this because it does make my eyes glow and my eyes look more alluring and bigger. Also, adding some cuteness to it.


And let’s take a look of my lips before using the Lip Polish


After using it :


This Lip polish is pretty unique and good for people on the rush just like me. it is like a two in one lip item, which is a combination of lipstick and lip gloss. i love how much time it save me when i use this lip polish and it is an instant plump up my lip. 🙂 my lips look 3D after using it , not too wet or too glossy… just nice with a tint of shine. love it.
i am using pop 6 . it is like an intense red 🙂
Using this 3 products will be a quite boost and enhancement for my feature 🙂 perfection is possible 🙂 Check out the instore promotion right now at watsons .

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