Here are 5 things you need to know when engaging ginevi to blog

hi everyone,

i hope that this short post will let you know more about  the significant of engaging a blogger as well as understanding that the fact that anything posted online is permanent and lasting. Also, if you need further information on why you are engaging a blogger for your product, kindly google and read more. Social Media is  a powerful influence that helps brand to promote, review and even as a powerful word of mouth tool that can appear and multiply and to connect to anyone who holds a smartphone or laptop or workstation.

Here are 5 things you need to know when engaging ginevi to blog :

1. Blogging can be a chore or a task to do. Please do not send me press release and request me to copy and paste for you and post for you in my blog.

2. Blogging is time consuming. Please do not rush me to finish your blog post immediately or keep on sending me email or call me to finish the blog post

3. Blogging is when I love the product then I will like to share with my readers. Please be opened that Bloggers are not obligated to blog for you compulsory. if you really need your content to be up on the blog, then pls pay for advertising space or per blog post.

4. Blogging is not a charity. Please do engage us as in your marketing costs. if you wish to have your marketing presence in social media.

5. Blogging on this page does not means that I have to compulsory link it to post on my facebook or twitter or other social media account. if you need all these permanent and compulsory, pls email for advertising cost.

In conclusion, the powerful and easiest way to multiply your business is to engage blogger for online reviews. Pls kindly avoid sending me press release or information and ask me to copy and paste for your page. I would need to try your product myself before i can write or share on my blog for my readers. If you are serious about your business and if you are interested in engaging me or sponsorship for the upcoming Christmas theme promotion, kindly email me : 

Signing off here, xoxo, Ginevi




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