Julie’s Factory Visit at Alor Gajah, Malacca

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“What we don’t eat, we don’t give others to eat.”Julie’s biscuits
This is something i learn when i went to Julie’s Factory Visit at Alor Gajah.
A beautiful day that kick that a wonderful journey overseas. Thanks to Ellice, Julie’s Biscuits,  all the bloggers i have met at the trip and everyone that make everything so good.
I am really thankful to be back again to Melaka!  One of my favourite things to do in my life is travelling. i really love to travel. Always appreciate very much whenever my blog brought me opportunity to travel! I have always wish to go to Melaka , KL and many part of malaysia. My grandma is from Melaka, she don’t understand chinese, and we used to stay at Bukit Timah house when i am a small girl. however, sadly she pass off so didn’t get to go to Melaka and always wanted to go.
Thanks to this great opportunity, not only i can go to Melaka, but i get to go to visit Julie’s Factory! Hurray~!!!!
Julie’s biscuit is my only favourite childhood snacks. i am a biscuit lover. i love the munchy and crunchy of a biscuit. Julie’s biscuits have a wide range of favours and i never get tired of eating it. Even until today, i still love it sooo much!!!
we are all ready to board the bus! me and my favourite girl
i am so excited on the journey there. Our lovely “air-bus stewdress”, Ellice, even have julie’s biscuit for us to munch on our journey there.
more selfie… because i am so excited i cant sleep 🙂
who want some strawberry oat biscuit?
And i am so excited that i can’t even sleep on my journey there!
Here we are !!! We reached!!!
When we reach there, lunch is served. And the lovely people of Julie’s cant wait to have us! we reached with warm welcome and it is really nice to be there that. even till now , i cant wait to go back again.
There is a wide variety of julie biscuits… maybe can have a biscuit tasting session in near future for us?
20140823_142345 20140823_142404
Share the love. 🙂 i love this quote20140823_142414 20140823_142533
 The selection is really alot to choose. you can definately find what you like20140823_142536 20140823_142540 20140823_142544 20140823_142547
Oat biscuits is my favourite ! this one is really very favourful20140823_142553
The all time favourite peanut butter biscuits!20140823_142742
our goodie bag
Malaysia food. it is really sooo sooo soo nice. we are waiting for this!
20140823_143541 20140823_143555 20140823_143702 20140823_143709
Desserts is made from julie biscuits!20140823_145839
The biscuit is made by them20140823_150203
This is my portion 🙂 some rice, some curry chicken . ikan bilis, egg and beancurb 🙂
After the yummy lunch… we have our get together with the julie’s biscuit team.
Mr Martin sharing with us.
It is really very interesting indepth of the Julie’s biscuit history. And there is many things Julie’s biscuit is doing for the community. And also respecting the unsung hero, people who work round the clock when everyone is sleeping.
And also other activities that julie’s team is doing :
A selfie before we go down to the factory… do we look like doctor?
Then the factory visit. it is really very tough to be walking through the heat . Really respect people who can work in the biscuit factory!!!
Look at the making of the biscuit…really impressive that machine can do so much nowadays.
The production of the biscuits
So much biscuits… feel like take a piece?
Quality Control
This journey was really pretty tough for me because i have not go through a hot hot oven . so i really put my hats down for people working at julie. <RESPECT>And now i will appreciate more each time i bite and eat the biscuit. 🙂
So this is my freshly baked packet of peanut butter biscuits!
This is the freshly baked biscuit that we are allowed to try
i also get to try other favours of julie’s like mango :
There is so much more favours… and guess what we try it all
And a selfie with the julie’s biscuits
The speech end of with sharing our story of The best of you. and i shared the love of my mum which i feel that she is someone who brings the best of me.
Of course there is many many people who brings the best of me in my life. And you know who you are. Particularly people who taught me whether in the hard way (maybe even make me cry)  or whether with the “invisible” support, that’s you, my readers, thank for reading my blog for all these your . Also, thanks to all my sponsors, and my god parents, my mentors too. View submission here, visit www.the-best-of-you.com
This is my outfit of the day. They are from Zalora.sg 🙂
Zalora is one of my favourite online shopping place.15% discount code :  ZBAP1tg (can use anytime)
And a group photo before we leave Julie’s .
The day ends with great dinner (stay tuned the next post on malacca and the food of malaysia) and sending us back to this beautiful houses that the julie’s own it. i really could not resist to take you to a tour with a short video :

And take a look at this place. Nice house, Thanks for the accomodation Julie’s 🙂
20140823_233905 20140823_233924 20140823_234204 20140823_235030Our adventure continue the next day… wakeup fresh. with BB Lim 🙂 so sweet her friendliness 🙂
There is really alot of nice bloggers i met and  they really love to take photo.
And they know when and where there is a camera… so here is donnilicious and he photobomb me hahahaha 🙂
me and my favourite girl. she is very sweet. she bought me fruits and helped me when i have things which are pretty heavy. it is always nice to have a good friend who cares for you 🙂
i love travel so my smile is always the happiest when i am on a holiday or work. 🙂 totally love travelling !!!
My favourite girlfriends. i miss them so much now!!!
And our last picture with Ellice before she left us… we are happy but we deeply miss her!!!
i wish to go back to Julie’s factory to try the other favours… like fruit more! 🙂 and also buy more julie’s biscuits and bring back to singapore 🙂
Many Thanks to Ellice and Perfect Food Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd
Thanks William Tan and Miriam for the group photos
And here a picture of me with my favourite peanut butter sandwich!
Like Julie’s facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/JuliesBiscuits

And i got myself all my favourite munchies. yes i can eat biscuit everyday!


Here’s a piece of good news! You can get Julie’s at promotion price at Singapore Expo hall 5  is 11 – 14 september!

Signing off here, xoxo, Ginevi



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