This is my first time to do Eye Lash Extention. Thanks to the good recommandation by Jamie who did her eye lash extention at AMY BEAUTY LINK INTERNATIONAL, so beautifully done so it lead me to do mine as well. DSC_0984 what took me sooooo long to open up myself to do this eyelash extention? 1. i am pretty skeptical that my real lash will drop and i am really worried! 2. can i draw eyeliner is also one of my concerns. And take a look at my lashes . I think you can hardly see my lashes. DSC_0969 i wanted a C-curl effect with soft lash that is comfortable and weightless for my eyes. i have sensitive eyes and i like soft and natural lash, single strand lash extention Before the extention, can hardly see my lash when taking photo. 1 you put on contact lens or not while getting your lashes extention done.If done well it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable and you can just close your eyes and rest throughout the entire process. And I fell asleep coz I can just closed my eyes throughout. And now i can go out without makeup and look just as good 🙂 After eye lash extention : 20140723_104825 And more pictures of my eyes, still natural , however more brighten and the eyes looks better 🙂 i really love the feeling of waking up looking pretty and ready to go out. it is very helpful when i go for holiday or vacation and i am not afraid for imprompt meet up with friends here for supper too. i am always looking ready to go out even i don’t have makeup on. Also, there is not need to keep pasting and removing eyelashes like how i use falsies, so time consuming. or even using mascara, so troublesome when smudge or removal. 🙂 Amy beaute link really help answered all my beauty needs. And to be honest, so far, my own lashes didnt really drop yet. And the good thing is i rub my eye less. 🙂 i totally love it. My after eye lash extention after 2 weeks… still looking pretty good 🙂 Untitled-1

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BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW at this well-known Amy Beauty Link !  😉 so many famous blogger did their eyelash or eyebrow extention there. AMY BEAUTY LINK INTERNATIONAL Far East Plaza #05-72/73 Tel : 67382180 (look for amy for discounts)   For more reviews and updates, like Amy Beauty Link facebook page (CLICK HERE) Amy Beauty-Link International has been featured in women’s magazines including Her World, Style, Seventeen, Female, Nu You, and boasts local female celebrities such as Joanne Peh and Stephanie Sun as clients.

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