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hi everyone,
Thank you for following me since my blog since my blog started in 2008 (CLICK HERE) to read more and yes, as time goes by, my skin does have problem with sagging, double-chin. chubby face. if you have follow me long enough, you can see that in me. yes, i didnt go through anything under the knife, no botox and no filler as well.

Yes, we all do age and is there a way to age gracefully? There is so many things to catch up and so many things that i want to achieve before i retire.

i am very glad to meet the kind angels at Wellness Unlimited Pte Ltd.  Dr T. and Dr Benny for introducing this Hexa Intensif Microtip Treatment.

And when i receive the news that i will be going Malaysia to do this treatment, i am really excited. Reason being it is really a good experience to be out of singapore. And as a blogger it is definately good exposure!

i met Dr T in Singapore office for a consultation first and to understand the brand, background and treatment. And there all the transportation is also arranged so that me and emeline , 2 bloggers will head to malaysia together. We are so happy and excited!!!!

And on the journey there, selfie time!!! 🙂 Anytime or any part of my face need enhancement?

When we reach malaysia, Johor Bahru, Dr Benny and his team is there to host us. They are really very friendly and i feel so pleased and at home 🙂

20140616_122157 20140616_122251

The clinic is located opposite the stretch of bridal shop at Johor bahru, before KSL

Here’s the address, coz i know some of you is really too anxious and feel like checking it out if you happen to drive to Johor.
78 Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor bahru, Johor.
T : 07-333 1315

20140616_121937 20140616_121958 20140616_122016

They are very nice and we sit down to discuss on main skin concern. During the discussion, Dr Benny is really very professional and really looked into every details of my face. Also, analysing what can be done for my face as well.

And some selfie again before starting the service, my dress is from Neonmello 🙂


Here is My BIG 5 Main skin concerns : 
1. sagging skin around my chin
2. double chin
3. frowning lines
4. laugh lines around mouth
5 short chin
6. dull skin and uneven skin tone

Before the treatment as discussed :


And i really do not want to go under knife . So Dr Benny suggested that Hexa Intensif Microtip Treatment (HIMT) will be recommaned to help me improve my main skin concerns.

Product Brand: Verbiage TM . USA

And let me share about Verbiage , it is not a filler or a botox .

HexaLift is a natural peptide formula from plants for reducing active wrinkles and fine lines.

Acetyl Hexa peptide binds to proteins structures to support the collagen and tissues of the skin. The biochemical characteristics of Acetyl Hexapeptide alters the formation SNARE complex (neuronal exocytosis) and catecholamine release.
Active: Albumin, Aqua, Acetyl Hexa Peptide.

Let me show you the photos from the start of the treatment. it takes about 1hour to do it or even less. it is pretty fast 🙂


HexaLift is used to lift and enhance my feature. yes i already have sharp nose. This is for making the perfection so some massage is needed.


Improve and enhance my skin elasticity, so that i will look naturally young and beautiful.


Cell GF is an epidermal growth factor to stimulate cell regeneration and promote growth to booster collagen and reduce heavy folding lines and sunken skinActive: Amino Acid, Cactus Extract, Aqua, rFGF.

SPAT++ is a serum for breaking fat deposits for face and body.
Active: Laminaria Digitata Extract, Lecithin, Ruscus Aculeatus Extract, Ivy Extract.

Cell GF helps to improve my rounded jawline and helps to  promote growth to booster collagen.


I am so happy , though it does look like my face is a bit swelling. Time will heal and the Verbiage H.I.M.T will make my skin looks better and better.


This is my beauty drips , i have a whitening drips so that i will have clear and translucent skin 🙂 so now you know my secret of beauty . i would especially suggest this to people who looks dull and need a skin boost. It is time to pamper yourself!!!

Beauty drips are very popular among the hongkong stars, coz it instant improve the skin quality and helps to detox 🙂


After the Treatment , no knife, no surgery, all natural and looks natural.

This is straight after the treatment, i am all ready to meet my friends for dinner, or party or shopping. i look perfectly alright to go out, no downtime or redness.

Why is that so? 
Dr Benny is very trained for 15 years in medical, and because of his vast knowledge in TCM as well, it is possible for him to inject on points that does not hurt as much and no numbing cream is needed.

Pain is minimal possible because of the knowledge of TCM , that marry the east and west, thus, i feel very comfortable throughout.

How do i look? Can you tell any differences? i feel that i look younger now


Do i look younger?


Want to have beautiful complexion like me ? Call 6747 6698 for an appointment with Dr T.  for  a free consultation quote : Ginevi blog


My skin before i go to bed 🙂 smooth and natural. no need to hide my face with makeup. Ladies if you want to sleep or wakeup beautifully, you can try out this  Hexa Intensif Microtip Treatment too!


My skin looks clear and translucant. My nose looks shaper when my double chin is gone. The fat around my jawline.

SPAT++ helps to break fat deposits for face. The result can be seen in my photo .

My skin looks better and better after 3 weeks.


After 3 weeks of Hexa Intensif Microtip Treatment, take a look at how my skin look even without makeup 🙂


Here’s my rating for the overall experience standards pretty good indeed. Very professional done by the doctors and although it is in johor (Malaysia), i really like how detailed the doctor are and i definately will come back for their service. Hexa Intensif Microtip Treatment is very good for bride-to-be , it is an instant skin rejurvenation, of coz it is advisable to do it 2-3 week in advance although there is no downtime.

And the most interesting part is, you can take it as a vacation and go Johor Bahru for this treatment and then shopping at KSL 🙂 you don’t even need to wear a mask.

i find that my skin looks better and better after 2-3 weeks. 🙂 i really like the whole process 🙂  Special thanks to Wellness unlimited and Aesthetic MD 🙂

To have a free consultation quote : Ginevi blog and call 6747 6698 for an appointment with Dr T. Feel free to call and make enquiry 🙂

5 successful respond n consult to do servcies entitled to 10% off pricelist in the month of August . Quote : Ginevi blog and call 6747 6698

Professionalism: ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Ambience: ★ ★ ★
Price point: ★ ★ ★
Service: ★ ★ ★ 

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