Guardian launches revamped Health & Beauty Awards 2014

A beautiful day that brings me fantastic insight of Health and Beauty Discussion with by outstanding Lady, CEO of Guardian Health & Beauty, Sarah Boyd of the Guardian Health & Beauty Awards 2014.

The beauty panel of judge

The Health & Beauty Industry is always something that i will sleep on eat, think of eat and even dream on beauty products. Seriously that is how much love (mentally) it gets into me towards my living passion on beauty and health. And hopefully i can found something that interest me really excitedly or a brand that i will make it especially unique for Ginevi. This led me to great insights to know how much people are really concern on the country of origins as well as ingredients, pricing and functionality of a product . The good news is more and more people are looking forward to more interesting and innovative product on the shelf!


Highlights of 2014 Guardian Health & Beauty Awards 2014 to me will be the “Favourite Newcomer Awards” .  Guardian have invited external health and beauty experts to participate in the judging process as well as have a public experts to participate in the judging process. In addition there is also public voting component , through Guardian’s facebook page.

Ginevi’s view of the “Favourite Newcomer Awards” : 
I am really happy that there is this category which i felt that consumers even for myself are more accepting new and upcoming brands. There is definately great potential for new brands and interesting things to look out for!

There is a total of 23 awards and i would like to share all my favourite brands and i am really happy for you!

One of the most recent on is Garnier Olia if you remember i have shared and was their hair model as well. And according to the expert’s view on what is trending on 2014 for hair , quoting :” Look for non-ammonia formulas as they are hair and scalp friendly. A good bottle applicator would be a bonus!” – Shunji Matsuo , CEO Matsuo Group

1 2

And this is me that day, waking up early as a hair model. And really thanks so much to style me with hair and make up.


my favourite John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair conditioner:

Read bout my post : (CLICK HERE)

And another hair product as well, i pretty much put alot of priority into my hair as well 🙂 and i am so glad that these brands are doing me good and great support for me. Thank you for all the love!

and read on to my blog post (click on) 

And my favourite women deodorant, Nivea Invisible Black:


My favourite skincare moisturizer for my night skincare regime : Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa


My favourite skincare (sun protection) , La Roche-posay Uvidea Aqua Fresh Gel, something that is also suitable for guys! (read on and click on my blog post)

And the best newcomer moisturiser : Hada Labo Whitening Perfect Gel (READ on)

And there is so much more for the list if i go on more and stay tuned to more upcoming product reviews in my blog 🙂  and if you like my reviews and want to contact me , you can email me :, currently i have written about 1200 articles and the numbers are still growing. 🙂

Can’t wait to review on the colgate charcoal bristles on my teeth 🙂 i am one girl who is really religiously take good care of my teeth and giving it schedule dental appointment 🙂  Stay tuned and you will read about how much effort i am doing to my teeth.

And by Dr Gerald Tan , president of the Aesthetic Dentistry society of singapore , quoting : “consumer today choose toothbrushes based on price  and often look out of soft bristled toothbrushes and / or electric ones for those with decreased dexterity” and “for someone looking for a good rinse, chlorohexidine is a good ingredient to look out for in a mouthwash, although it doesnt taste as good!”

Hmm.. i guess maybe i am not so much on looking at the price and, i am guilty of using electric toothbrushes. haha coz i love the vibrations on my teeth 🙂

And yes, my regular visits to Victoria Dentalcare for now. 🙂 and read on my previous post on my braces teeth (CLICK HERE)

I really enjoy the ever-entertaining performance by president of SPGs! So fun and some “truth” hahaha… interesting crowd and i am glad to know that shower two times a day is like a lifestyle for people in singapore even for foreigners! hahaha 🙂 guess the weather is too humid!


Before i go on further, check out more information at Guardian stores and grab a booklet where you can have great insights of Favourite Newcomer awards, Guardian best sellers, there is some brands giving really good discount as well 🙂 so be sure to head to the stores 🙂

I am very privileged to meet The Guardian Beauty & Health Awards 2014 Panel of Experts that includes:

Shunji Matsuo, CEO, Shunji Matsuo Group; Addy Lee, Chairman, Monsoon Hair Group; Eugene Ong, Managing Director, Urban Hair by Ginrich; Jeric See, Founder and Managing Director, Jeric Salons; Dr Patricia Yuen, Dermatologist, Dermatology, Laser & Aesthetics Clinic; Dr Cheong Wai Kwong, Dermatologist, The Specialist Skin Clinic; Dr Chan Yuin Chew, Dermatologist, Dermatology Associates; Dr Gerald Tan, President, Aesthetic Dentistry Society of Singapore (ADSS) and Cosmetic Dentist; Vanessa Chia, Beauty & Health Editor, ELLE Magazine; Roseanne Tang, beauty blogger and makeup artist; Dollei Seah, Celebrity makeup artist.

Congratulations to all the brands that i have met and work with as well as all the great sponsors . And for all the newcomers and upcoming brands, i really look forward to work with you and to try and review your products 🙂  you can email me :

P.S: keep following Guardian Facebook page for more updates and Great to look forward for, online shopping 🙂 Yay! Really Excited to have such great news to look forward for!

Thanks so much privileged invitation 🙂 and the warm and nice hosting 🙂 a beautiful day indeed.

And also, very glad to meet my favourite girl here too 🙂 see ya soon! *hugS!!!!


And for now, stay tuned for more beauty product reviews coming up and i am off to grab some award-winning products 🙂

Happy Father’s Day to every GREAT man in the world 🙂 i love you Daddy!!!! 🙂

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