DPL Pigmentation, Beauté by Kew

Pigmentation is one of the most common skin problem that most people face. And it does make us look older if not carefully deal with.

My skin problem will be uneven skin tone, pigmentation and some hair issue above my lips.

Thanks to the professional service at Beauté by Kew. My skin is 1st analysed and see which service suits me. And after which, addressing my skin concern of uneven skintone and pigmentation and some hair issue above my lips.

This is my skin after cleanse. You can notice some pigmentation on my cheeks and uneven skin tone.


For Beauté by Kew, they believe in “Dare to Bare Your Skin” with Power DPL Treatment 

Flaunt your silky smooth skin confidently with Power DPL Treatment!

i was also told to stop worrying about acne and acne scars, ugly pigmentation problems, unsightly facial hair.

Power DPL Treatment is Beauté by Kew’s treatment line which specially targets at acne, pigmentation and unsightly hair.  DPL refers to Dynamic Pulsed Light, which uses a superior combination of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Laser power sources that is more effective than the traditional IPL technology.

Power DPL uses Smart and Dynamic (SND) technology,where the unique IPL power source combined with laser power source used is extremely safe and has higher efficacy than traditional IPL.  The SND technology used in Power DPL has also made it known to be one of the safest treatment methods for solving beauty problems.

DPL Pigmentation      

Ugly pigmentation is cleared with just a few sessions of Power DPL technology.  Not only that, this state-of-the-art technology prevents regrowth of pigmentation by improving your skin health through stimulating collagen regrowth and rejuvenating your skin.  Achieve clear & fair skin, firm and younger-looking skin with DPL Pigmentation! 

With this revolutionary technology, Power DPL treatments are of the highest quality and efficacy compared to normal IPL treatments.

I have personally tried DPL treatment. so far i feel that it is really not painful. And nothing scary as compared to IPL . IPL can be more painful depending on frequency.  DPL is not painful, just bright lights and i feel safe throughout the treatment.  The advanced technology used in Power DPL Treatments ensures that results are instant and effective. After one side of my face is done with DPL i am given the mirror to observe one side of my face. i do notice improvement in my skin

The facial include eyebrow shaping, shoulder massage

After which i am given a whitening brightening mask to rejurvenate my skin and my face.


Also, i like to share this for people with acne issue.

Power DPL Acne 

Power DPL treatment rids your skin of acne scars, toxins and balances your skin nutrition to eradicate your acne problems.  Say bye-bye to acne! With Power DPL, your skin is now crystal clear and smooth! 

Power DPL Permanent Hair Removal 

Look no further! This treatment permanently and effectively removes unsightly hair; whichever part you name it, we’ll remove it! No more awkward moments of raising your hand just to put it back down coz’ you suddenly remembered the ‘forest’ is still there.   Be it coarse or fine hair, Power DPL Hair Removal treatment does it all with no downtime plus whitening effect too!

Good news for Ginevi Readers! Opening specials:

Power DPL Acne @ $28 nett.  No GST. 

DPL Pigmentation @ $28 nett.  No GST. 

Power DPL Permanent Hair Removal Unlimited Lifetime Package @ $98 nett.  No GST. 

Call now for reservation : +65 6534 8255
beauté by Kew : Block 2 Everton Park  #01-47  Singapore 081002

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 11am – 8pm  Sat : 10am – 7pm  Closed on Sunday & PH

This is me after the facial. 🙂 i think i need a hair fix now .


Terms and conditions apply : Applicable only to S’poreans, PRs, EP & S Pass holders

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