in 10 women in Singapore think they are beautiful but 97% want to improve their current skin condition: CETAPHIL Skin Confidence Report 

The event kick starts with Mr. Jean Sebastien Ricard, General Manager, Galderma South East Asia, introduction speech.


Do you know that Singapore women are confident?

Almost 70 per cent consider themselves beautiful but 97 per cent of them want to improve their current skin condition.

Skin condition ranked as the top three concerns for women in Singapore. Having good skin is an attributing factor to the confidence of one in three women in Singapore. This was especially evident among 25 to 30-year-olds. The majority of women in Singapore believe having good skin gives them a greater sense of self-confidence. They believe that the condition of their skin will impact their career and social life.  Do you agree? 

My View on Skin Confidence : 

For me, i truly agree that having beautiful skin and using a good product is important to look good. i believe in Look good feel good. So, it is important to constantly keep a look out on how my skin fair. Not that i am not confident about how i look. i guess it just bottom down to wanting to look young and preserve or slow down aging.

Cetaphil products are gentle and good for the skin , if you have sensitive skin it is very good as it is gentle. also it is important to have good skin as it is how we present ourselves to people we meet. i am a cetaphil user myself and i recommand to friends around me.


At a roundtable panel discussion titled “Confidence and the Singaporean Woman: The Importance of Good Skin” an expert panel discussed topics related to the CETAPHIL Skin Confidence Report.


The panel comprised Dr. Ang Por of Dermatology Associates; Professor Roy Chan of the National Skin Centre Singapore; Ms. Yasmine Khater, Business and Career Coach and Global Ambassador of The International Alliance for Women (TIAW); and Mr. Jean Sebastien Ricard, General Manager, Galderma South East Asia.



Women in Singapore: Confident in their own skin

The first-of-its-kind in Singapore, the CETAPHIL Skin Confidence Report, launched in celebration of Cetaphil’s 30th anniversary in Singapore, seeks to better understand the behaviors and attitudes of Singapore womentowards good skin and what drives their confidence. The survey was conducted by an independent research agency Added Value Saffron Hill. A total of 201 women in Singapore between the ages of 22 to 45 years were surveyed online in April 2014.

“The survey findings indicate skin condition as one of the top five factors contributing to self-confidence. This was ranked alongside other universally valued qualities such as intelligence, relationships and skills. We recognise that good skin is a key attributing factor to one’s confidence.


“Cetaphil is committed to delivering quality skincare solutions to meet the evolving needs of consumers. It has stood the test of time and remains the trusted and preferred brand for dermatologists since 1947,” said Mr. Ricard.


Ms. Yasmine Khater, a business and career coach and the Global Ambassador of The International Alliance for Women shared her perspectives on the psyche of women and confidence in Singapore against an international context.


Something to remember of what Ms Yasmine mention is ” I am ENOUGH“. This is pretty motivating. Many times, we always find that we are not good enough, not pretty enough, eyes not big enough, money not enough and much more.

Women who take care of themselves tend to look younger and feel more confident.  Their emotional and mental well-being is also significantly higher.  The greatest act of self-love is for a woman to allow herself to be pampered, because she believes she deserves it and acknowledges her positive qualities,” she said.

Skin confidence and the importance of good skin care

One in three respondents ranked skin condition as an important factor to their self-confidence. Although most respondents consider themselves beautiful and confident, 97 per cent of them wish to improve their current skin condition.  More than half of the respondents would find ways to cut down on expenses to achieve or maintain good skin.

“The skincare industry has evolved greatly in terms of formulations, dermatological innovations and expanded product offerings. Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to skincare options but this does not necessarily translate into making informed decisions. Understanding the fundamentals of good skin and choosing a trusted skincare brand are important for the delivery of optimal results,” said Mr. Ricard.


Dr. Ang Por addressed the essentials of a good skin care regimen in her panel presentation, noting that a good cleanser, moisturizer and sunblock are sufficient for achieving healthy skin. She also shared tips on reading skincare labels and the ingredients to note in skincare products to ensure they are safe and effective.

“Women in Singapore are quite knowledgeable about skincare. Consumers are not lacking in choices when it comes to skincare but this could lead to confusion. One does not need to use too many products or expensive brands. In fact, exposure to too many chemicals may be detrimental to your skin. Stick to a simple regime suitable to your skin type and needs.

Learning how to read skincare labels is important in choosing the right product. For those with sensitive skin, it is always safer to reduce exposure to unnecessary ingredients like fragrance and preservatives. But in reality many women still prefer a nice smelling product and most cosmetic products do contain some fragrance and preservatives.  The acid test is to try the product on your skin and see if your skin reacts to the product,” she said.

The report also found that skin is the feature women in Singapore most admire in other women in terms of physical attributes. Professor Roy Chan discussed traits that define good skin and common skin conditions affecting women.

“Clear blemish-free and even-toned skin and the absence of redness and pigmentation are hallmarks of great looking skin. Women are also aware and concerned about excessive dryness or oiliness of the facial skin.


Facial eczema and pigmentation are two of the most common skin conditions women in Singapore encounter.  As each individual is different, making the correct diagnosis is crucial in order for the appropriate treatment and counsel to be provided,” he said.

With more than 60 years of proven success in skincare solutions, Cetaphil is a leader and the recommended choice by dermatologists in Singapore. Cetaphil remains a market leader in the derma-skincare category, with a leading market share for six consecutive years to date (IMS Report).


If you have not try or use Cetaphil before, here is your chance to head on down to watsons, guardian or ntuc fairprice to get yours and try it yourself. A product which is safe and trusted to be used.

Last but not least, Happy 30th anniversary to you Cetaphil and many good years ahead 🙂

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