Kakis Bistro and Bar – A hide-out place to hang out!

Have you been to this new BAR, Kakis Bistro & Bar in the east?
#ginevi would like to introduce you are bar where you and your kakis can hang out .

A place for beer and music and a nice place in the east , lovely!

Located in a cozy green environment where you can indulge in star gazing, amidst the lush tropical greenery and enjoy the nature.

Kakis is a place where friends come together to chill and drink , far away from hassle and bustle . Set food into the eco friendly environment where you can enjoy and spend time with your loved ones.

Fresh air, good fun and great memories to be created.


Write or draw! Leave a note to show that you have been here before:


Who wanna play pool with me ?


Take a look outdoor isnt it?

20140524_174925 20140524_174950

And Lemme take a selfie 🙂 haha


A glance of the golf area.


Another statue


Live band
Every friday 7.30pm onwards . The passerby .
Every saturday 730pm onwards Joel & Sultan


What’s on the Menu?


Prawn Alioli with homegrown lemongrass & coriander20140524_185608

Stir fry button mushroom with homegrown kaffir leaf, shallots and white wine


chicken quesadilla with homemade salsa


fries addiction ( special seasoning)

20140524_193336 20140524_194459

Aglio Olio (with a fusin taste of home grown kaffir leaf)


Fish & Chips


Some hiding place behind



Like Kakis Bistro & Bar facebook page for promotion and upcoming updates : https://www.facebook.com/kakisbistro

Share the love and invite your fans and family to kakis. Mention the code ” kakis1309″ and enjoy a 10% on all food items. Valid till 31 Dec 2014 

Kakis Bistro & Bar
289 Farnborough Road, Singapore 509747

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