Aveda Naturally Straight Selfie Contest and Reviews

What hair products do you use to style your hair daily?
Do you know what our hair products will affect how we look and how our hair set itself ?

My hair problems: Waking up with frizzy hair and messy . Hair fray sideways and untamed. Need a hair to make it neat before heading out.

So when waking up, the hair generally looked like this and it was kinda messy and ends were frizzy.


i have tried different methods to make my hair looks neat and sometimes, ended up my hair looks too oily and it just didnt turn out well. And my friend was telling me to use a good brand like Aveda so that i can have most of my hair problems solved.

And Thanks to Aveda Smooth infusion system. The whole range is really impressive .

Aveda first styling product that progressively straightens hair by eliminating unwanted waves.

What Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight does :

  • Straighten hair now and always by eliminating unwanted waves with unique plant fibres
  • Smooth and soften damaged ends
  • Protect hair against humidity up to 12 hrs with organic tapioca starch
  • Reduce frizz with organic aloe and maize

After using Aveda Smooth infusion system:

it helps to progressively straightens hair by eliminating unwanted waves, curls and frizzness.


And this is my favourite product :


The Before and After Results is really amazing. 

Aveda Smooth infusion system progressively loosens my frizzy hair and smoothen and straighten my hair. It helps to hold my hair day by day while fending off the frizz and the plant-derived fiers attach to my hair makes my hair soft and smooth. I have been using it for 2 weeks and my hair is getting healthier day by day. i am really happy with the results.

And what is the best part?

My hair does not looks oily at the end of the day. it does not make my scalp oily as well.

And it is not oily on my hand palm after i apply on my hair.


Good news here!
Here’s your chance to win a full set of smooth infusion system!


How to Win a FULL Set of Smooth infusion System :

* Winner is selected by AVEDA Team , not by me *

The redemption of samples 13 May till 30 May 2014 and the contest for highest LIKES per and hashtag in your instagram your selfie with #NaturallyStraight selfie stops 15 June 2014.


Kindly remember to register with Aveda marketing prior to sample redemption.

To sign up, kindly send your

Full name : 
Instagram username :

to avedamktg@luxeprofessional.com

Don’t miss this opportunity! Tell your friends too!!! 🙂


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