My Experience with FRESVER Beauty IVR Plus Face Treatment


When i arrived at FRESVER , i am greeted by the friendly staff, but when i am asked to be in the room for skin analysis, the experience wasn’t as good . The analysis tend to mention that your skin will have alot of problems and nothing good.

To conclude, this part of the introduction really don’t give me a good start! 

Introducing IVR Plus Face Treatment, a 100% hands work treatment done by well-trained therapists, it stimulates the lymphatic system’s natural flow by unclogging the pathways leading to the lymph nodes located on the face, eyes, neck, chest and shoulder.

The theraptist will take a photo before she starts doing the facial for me.



You can see my uneven skin tone, tired eyes area due to exam exams and tired skin. so need to have massage and improve my blood circulation.

The service of the theraptist is good, she go through with me the steps and didn’t ask personal question to disturb my rest during the facial. This is good coz you don’t have to worry that the theraptist will ask the age or where you stay or where your work or ask you on relationship problem when doing the facial.

The IVR Facial treatment, depending on each skin type, four different kind of custom-blended massage oils specifically dedicated for IVR Plus Face treatment will be used. These massage oils provide a natural way to facilitate the cleansing of the lymph system by decongesting the lymph, improving the overall facial lymphatic circulation.

The treatment starts on the neck in slow and smooth circular movements of the hands and fingertips. This rhythmic face massage manipulates the lymphatic vessels, helping to increase the circulation of clearing excess fluids and waste proteins. It is an effective and natural method to keep your lymphatic system working more optimally for your well-being.

10 benefits in a single treatment 

IVR Plus Face Treatment is more than just improving skin’s Immunity, Vitality and Rejuvenation. It provides many benefits without any complicated procedures or use of chemicals.


Good news for all my readers! 

Quote “Blogger-Ginevi” and get
an exclusive one-time trial of IVR Face Treatment at $98.

IVR Face Treatment: Trial price at $98. An anti ageing treatments that helps to tackle face areas in need of rejuvenation, regain skin elasticity, reduce appearance of fine lines and produce skin lifting effects.

So overall the skin looks rejurvenated after 7 days and i looks good 🙂


For appointment, please call any of the 3 branches.

HOUGANG: 840 Hougang Central, #01-04, S538757 Tel: 6100 1513

ORCHARD: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #05-18, S228213 Tel: 6100 8108

TAMPINES: 5 Tampines Central 6 Telepark, #01-23, S529482 Tel: 6100 1030

Terms & Conditions for readers :

Exclusive for new customers. Only valid for Singaporeans, PRs, Employment Pass or S Pass Holders age 23 to 60 years old. Limited to one redemption per customer. Strictly by appointment, please arrive 15 minutes earlier and present identity card upon redemption.Ultra Efficiency Underarm Treats is valid for females only. Treatment will only proceed after skin analysis. If skin needs beyond aesthetic treatments, we will advise customer to specialist. Fresver Beauty Beauty reserves the right to amend any terms and condition without prior notice.

For more information, visit


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