Father’s day special : GoodSkin Labs Pore-365 Review

hi everyone,

i have been trying GoodSkin Labs Pore-365 and on the packaging it said this :

PORE-365™ All Over Pore Reducing Serum is a breakthrough treatment that shrinks the look of pores instantly and over time for a flawless and even-looking appearance.

How true is this after i have used it?


First of all, i will cleanse my skin all over before i start using the product. After cleanse, i will use PORE-365™ All Over Pore Reducing Serum and i like the light texture of the product that is not oily. The products look slightly milky and clear. it is pretty fast absorbed into my skin.

My T-Zone have pretty much of a pore problem . For me, after using about 4 weeks. i feel that it does not really shrink my pores as claimed. It does help in making my skin looks natural, matte and refined after applying.

It is a quick fix for my T-Zone pore problem throughout the day and for targeted pore-mattifying. i do not think it helps to shrink my pores. so far my pore does not look smaller after 4 weeks. i think it is more of a natural look and clear look.

Let’s take a look at my before and after pictures after using GoodSkin Labs Pore 365 for 4 weeks : 


i like about this product for it handy size and fuss-free as it can absorb to the skin pretty face and it is not sticky. Also after using the product it sets in pretty well with the makeup and sunblock. It does not make my powder loose powder cakey on the surface.


so overall, i would recommand this product to especially guys because for the handy size and easy to use. it is good for travel as well. And more for people who have T-zone and pore concern.

Maybe this is good as a father’s day present? 🙂 happy Father’s day in advance (15 June 2014) !!!

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Where to buy? 
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