AN “EGGY” 4 COURSE EASTER SUNDAY at Arossa Wine and Grill

It is the time of the year again where rainbow coloured Chocolate Eggs and Easter Bunnies are in season. Traditionally, sweet shops and dessert shops will be launching these colourful candies and families enjoy them together while basking in the festivespirit.

This year, Arossa would like to extend the confectionary deliciousness associated with Easter to an entire Easter themed meal. Think Egg-based dishes and other traditional Easter-associated foods like hot crossed-buns. Set in the cozy atmosphere of the Arossa restaurant. It will be meal for the whole family to enjoy.

So come join us this April during the Easter weekend to enjoy the exciting foods that will be launched for Arossa’s Easter Special 4-course-meal at $50 +++ per person.


For starters, start light with the ‘Asparagus with poached egg’


to prep your appetite for the ‘Grilled Lamb Loin with Rice Salad with Balsamic sauce’.


and for those of you who doesn’t take lamb, you can choose salmon fish or


pork loin as an alternative


Finish off with one of Arossa’s signature creation for sweet tooth, the ‘Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream’accompanied with a cup of coffee or tea to end Easter on a pleasant note.


Join Arossa this Easter to celebrate the wonderful festival with hearty food, a warm atmosphere and a really good time.


picture credit to

Scotts Square, Next to Grand Hyatt Hotel,

6 Scotts Square#02-01 Singapore 228209 Make your reservation at T : 6636 2951

Like Arossa facebook page for more updates 🙂 and for more information at

Inspiring Easter Message for everyone :

Love is the greatest, Through love, we learned from mistakes, we learned to forgive, we learned to appreciate and it is never too late to show our love and care 🙂 True love touches our heart, for whether we are angry or sad, we still know who we really love.

Happy Easter Day, Let us all feast to easter, god bless 🙂 Stay Happy Always!!!



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