Mei Chew Hair Salon – A True gem at Thomson Ridge Estate

Dip-dye hair is getting so popular because of the korean wave, from mobile handset to hair products and skincare.

if you have a young face, you have all the time to look good. Dare to be different! Try a new look, a new color, a dip-dye or one tone dye.

One tone dye, meaning for example, one purple and about my hair length, not longer than my hair length is about $88 and two tone and three tone will be additional charge. No worries. their price is very reasonable and the product is GREAT, not so damaging to my hair and scalp. 🙂

Hair concerns, should i do a Dip-dye hair? Here might be your possible worries:
1. will people laugh at me?
2. will it be too striking on me?
3. will it be suitable if i am working in an office?
4. will it be too loud?
5. should i do it?

Let me clear your doubts so that you are mentally prepared.

First of all, nobody will laugh at you if you are not confident. So,  be confident! Life is all good. If you have a young face, good skin, nice feature, there is no fear to anyone who tries to pull you down. Color dip-dye can be chosen by you. you can choose loud colors, you can choose brown to light blonde, you can choose black to purple for example. Thus, it is pretty flexible if purple to red gradiant is not your color. Yes it is suitable for working in an office, it refreshen your boring look . some of us might have long hair for like 3-5  years and nothing much have changed us over the years. we might be worried that our boyfriends, hubby, collegues doesnt like it. but hey wait. how many 10years do we have to look different and good, especially when we look young! you can always start something conservative of a brown dip-dye and get the best advice from Meichew hair salon. All the stylists are very professional. it is not too loud, and the best part is it makes your plain clothes look interesting and stand out. Yes you should do it if you are a blogger, a definately yes, if you have your hair for like many years, yes you should have a color dip-dye . Go for it. Korean-wave is on!



Back view :


How it looks overall :



Actually it still suits a good girl look. like korean girls generation or 4minute , it doesn’t matter how bright the color is. Dare to be different as we only life once! 

These colors will fade to brown gradually 🙂

InstagramCapture_207906c4-e2ba-4cb4-bf49-ab1dd83c16f6_jpg InstagramCapture_c68a6eec-2515-4616-9b80-a86ff3f0e0e4_jpg

A colorful hair makes your boring clothes stands out 🙂

WP_20140414_08_40_51_Pro (2)

New hair, New look, Smile and be happy 🙂


it is always good to try purple. coz it is a unique color.

WP_20140414_08_41_38_Pro (2)

And how much do they charge? very reasonably here: { CLICK HERE }

My final word on Color dip dye : 
Color dip-dye is very much in trend now. Ride on the trend and dare to be different. If you are a blogger like myself and reading this post, it is good to take a chance to have a new hair color 🙂 And if your are a normal layman, i say, DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! And if you just love to laugh at people, i say : GET A LIFE! LAUGH only if you dare to do it yourself. And if you are shy and worried that it might be bad, i say : no worries! you are in safe professional hand at Mei Chew Hair Salon

Quote streetdirectory for 20% off , not applicable for senior hairstylists and above.

Mei Chew Hair Salon is located at:
7 Thomson Ridge Estate
Singapore 574636

Book your appointment at 6457 2026
For more information :

signing off here , xoxo


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