Debut Launch of Yakult Health Foods by Abeille d’Or

Ginevi attend the Debut Launch of Yakult Health Foods by Abeille d’Or

Starting with…

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The opening ceremony and i am so happy that Yakult have new products in health food 🙂



The VIP and Team from Japan :


And here, i am sharing my favourite product Maroyaka Kale in the Debut Launch, all photos credit to YHF by AbeilleDor



My favourite product from the Debut Launch of Yakult Health Foods is Maroyaka Kale

Maroyaka Kale is a rich and tasty Aojiru (green juice) made of premium kale, an aojiru in its genuine form. This product has been praised by many customers as a “quintessential Aojiru” for almost 20 years. Kale is a cruciferous vegetable which is considered an original species of cabbage and broccoli. It contains β-carotene and is high in calcium, it is recommended to those who frequently eat out and concerned about low vegetable consumption. It is grown in special soil by contract farmers in the Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita Prefecture, putting time and effort into cultivation, including removing pests by hand. The leaves are harvested in the morning and transferred to the nearby Yakult Health Foods factory to be squeezed on the same day for freshness.

There is 30 sticks in a box, so everyday i will consume one sachet in the morning 🙂
it is very refreshing and there is alot of vitamins in it. after consuming for a week, i feel that it helps my bowel system as it has water soluble dietary fiber and vitamin c. Also, it has iron and calcium , potassium and magnesium that is very rich in nutrition value , very good for people like me who is concerned on low vegetable consumption. i notice my skin look glowing and healthy too, i guess it is when we consume enough fruits and vegetables, we will look good! 🙂
There is many many ways to consume Maroyaka Kale and you can add to soya bean milk or icecream 🙂 

In recent years, kale has become a popular food supplement choice for many.  Typically blended in smoothies and drank by health aficionados. Japanese health food company Yakult Health Foods, has introduced this gift of nature in a convenient manner – Maroyaka Kale (powder form), saving people the hassle of sourcing out the vegetable that is not always readily available in supermarkets.

Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables you can find, is high in calcium and contains β-carotene.  Its primary nutrients also include vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium and chlorophyll.

The complete range of Yakult Health Foods are also available at Guardian Pharmacy outlets with prices starting from $43.90 to $119.90.

Good news to know more insight and Yakult Health Food,
sign up for Colon Health Seminar by:
Dr, Haresh Kumar Kantilal (Ph.D Medical Science, M.Sc. Microbiology.
A Medical Microbiologist and Speaker in Nutrition
Date : 19/4/2014 Saturday
Time : 2 – 4 pm (2 hrs)
Venue : Peninsular Shopping Centre #03-14
Ticket : $10/- (fully redeemable on 19/4 for any Yakult Health Foods pdt)
Call 6339 5045 to reserve seats, call now!
For more information, Like Their facebook page:

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