Ginevi went to The DRx Medispa for Essential Facial Plus


For the maintenance of a good complexion, my best kept secret will be doing a pampering facial once a month. And i love The DRx Medispa’s , Essential Facial Plus. it is an award winning facial that has won Cozycot Holy Grail Award 2008 and All Time Favorite Facial of Elle Magazine’s Beauty IT List 2009.

Starting with a calming massage to get me ready for the Essential Facial Plus
Ease off all the stress and prep me into the facial. when i am relax i will be ready for the goodness of the facial


Followed by cleansing. removing any makeup on my skin and cleanse away the dirt.


and double cleanse away all the makeup or dirt in my face if any


Ultrasonic cleansing uses an ultrasound device to elimate dead cells from the skin surface and lossen impurities, oul and comedones( blackheads and whiteheads) that are embedded in pores. The blackheads are then easily extracted without damage to the surface of the skin. Exfoliation of dead skin cells also allows for more efffective penetration of the therapeutic substances that follow. Regular treatment will result in clearer, softer skin and an overall better complexion.

The cleansing is pretty comfortable , there is no pain in the process.


Microdermabrasion involves removing the superficial layers of the skin




The result of Microdermabrasion, half face , i notice that my skin is clearer and it feels smoother , with the reduction of fine lines , especially on my laugh lines and any uneven skin tone. it is rated as a 4-star “must try” rating by female magazine.



The result half face is pretty significant and obvious 🙂


Ultrasonic Nutrient Delivery uses a device to deliver Pharmaceutical Grade (PG) vitamins and essential compounds into the skin for various benefits, according to the needs of the individual.

PG vitamin A , reduces wrinkles , improves skin texture and reverses signs of photo-aging for an overall clearer skin tone.

PG vitamin C, stimulates the production of collagen in the dermis for firmer smoother and younger skin, to produce the skin lightening effect and more even skin tone.

PG compound E replaces essential nutrients and other substances in the skin that has depleted with time to reverse many of the visible treatment with PG compound E will result in firmer skin to reduced wrinkles and lines, for a glowing complexion that appears more youthful 🙂





Last step, The DRx Medispa’s Alginate mask for my skin needs, the mask feels very cooling and was applied generously thickly on my skin. The Alginate mask is made from high quality marine-derived ingredients with remarkable therapeutic properties.

After The DRx Medispa’s Alginate mask is removed, i can feel my skin feel cooling and seem like it had helped in cooling and minimizing my pores. my skin feels recharged and refreshed.




Overall experience i fell was great and i am being named as “Ms Glowing skin” after the facial treatment. i can feel the softness in my skin and i love how my skin feels , more bouncy and supple. Also, i don’t really need much makeup on my skin, just sunblock will do . I feel happy and confident with nice beautiful skin. My friends have commented that i look fresh and younger too. And they admire my nice complexion too.

Essential Facial Plus do miracles and pampered my skin well. Thanks to The DRx Medispa 🙂

Essential Facial Plus which includes microdermabrasion. And after the facial, for 7 days, my skin still looks very fresh with minimum makeup 10155785_10152244389890020_1132819019_n

Also, read bout what Derma-Rx product i am using {click here} and my current addiction will be Derma-Rx Sunblock :


A good beauty regime come with beauty rest as well. 1900153_10152201044800020_1492071757_n

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