Thrill-seeker in Macau – Bungy jump

Here i am at Macau. A sponsored trip to Macau 🙂



And not forgetting to went into the church to pray


Exploring the heritage sites of the former Portuguese colony, including the Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Fortaleza do Monte and Museum of Macau.


Also, to eat Portuguese food as well. And this is a really nice painting i found at the Portuguese restaurant, the picture is glowing with holy light!



Beautiful place outside the restaurant





They are all located within the same area so you can take a heritage walk. Be warned that it can get very crowded on weekends and you will get photos with people in the background.

Walking along the streets, you will find food such as almond cookies, beef jerky and a pork chop bun that is actually the Macanese type of hamburger, and people will ask you to buy to eat that. i did buy and i didnt like it hahaha

At Coloane, stop by the famous Lord Stow’s Bakery for their Portuguese egg tarts yum yum… love it. 🙂

The lover’s statue. 


I ticked another item off my bucket list. CHECKED BUNGY JUMP


And i am all ready to jump , big smile. and double thumbs up, usually the sporty looking girls are the brave ones to most might think. well oh well… i am that hidden gem who dare to do it 🙂 teehee



I do have a pretty good girl gentle face, study type face, angel face, much less of a HIGH-RISK taker face. Some of the people i know basically name me as a mummy’s sweetheart. Maybe i am pretty much an introvert in their eyes but deep down i am a Thrill-seeker and pretty fearless








To bungy jump off Macau Tower, visit

my reward


And into the night… beautiful walk to my hotel



And i saw this tagline… cheeky and fun !


chill out session at the wine bar at macau


And finally back to my room to rest 🙂 smile

Good night everyone, if i am back to macau again. i will do the backward jump

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