Gucci Made to Measure : Design Your Date

Hi everyone,
Interestingly, Gucci came out with a new fragrance : Gucci, Made to Measure

There’s no better way than having your dream date stand out in his suit that is tailored to perfection, and leave a lasting impression with the unmistakable scent that is… Gucci Made to Measure.

I took up this blogger challenge to design my own dream date. And what kinda of guy i dream to have… And the theme is …

… < Drum roll > …

Tailor your perfect date,Go ahead and dream big
What kinda dream date i would tailor made and design my date?

Disclaimer : before you are scared by what i gonna type, kindly note that this is a blogger challenge 🙂 a descriptive vision of a Gucci Made to Measure dream guy

1. Drive a super ride that look like a super hero drive 🙂
This is a scent that gives men the distinguished edge when the occasion demands it; a scent that is crafted to fit the look, occasion, and demeanour of the confident man perfectly.


2. Wear a Tuxedo and look really refined. Knowing how to wear a tuxedo will single you out as a man who knows how to dress well when the occasion calls for only the best. Read more {CLICK HERE}

Made to Measure is a spicy oriental fragrance tailored to make a lasting impression. 

Top notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Tunisian Orange Flower, French Lavender, Anis Seed

Heart notes: Sri Lankan Nutmeg, Water Lily, Juniper Berry, Plum, Cinnamon

Base notes: Cistus Labdanum, Patchouli, Leather, Amber


From his suit, to his shoes, and to his scent – the Gucci Made to Measure man does not settle, but goes for the ultimate in refinement, Italian craftsmanship, and consummate attention to detail.

3. Wear leather shoes
From head to toe… thats the way i look at my man . A nice shiny armour makes him shine with glory and that turns me on 🙂


4. Wear AP Watches , you know what it takes to see a man in fine luxury watches? What more can i say 🙂


5. Smell good , wear Gucci Made to Measure Fragrances


Gucci Made to Measure, the new fragrances for Men


All images credited to online google search engine and are taken to make the post fun and exciting.

If you are wondering how much does Gucci Made to Measure cost, here’s the price :

Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure EDT (30ml)    SGD 88
Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure EDT (50ml)    SGD 112
Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure EDT (90ml)    SGD 146
Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure Aftershave Lotion (90ml)   SGD 103
Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure All-over Shampoo (150ml)   SGD 50
Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure Deodorant Stick (75g)   SGD 45

 Signing off… hope you like my fun post 🙂


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