Ginevi went to facial treatment at Exuviance Club


Exuviance flagship salon – Exuviance Club, where beauty conscious people gather and get their skin concerns attended to. In Exuviance Club, only Exuviance brand products is used. Exuviance is from NeoStrata the founder of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (commonly known as Fruit Acid).

At Exuviance Club, there is a wide range of impressive skincare product that is tailored-made for beautiful skin. if you have enlarged pore concern, which most people do. They have the right product to tactic the product. Also, there is serum that can boost our skin .

How do we know if it is a good product?
For each product you used, it is important to notice any improvement shown in the skin. yes, some product are cheap thus it attracts buyer. Some is due to very good promotion and marketing tactics, well in the end, it bottoms to what i see in my skin.

The results can be seen in one facial, read on and you will know. if you are too anxious to try out or havent go for a facial for a long time, it is time to go for one 🙂

Please feel free to call : 6508 1851 to book an appointment at your most convenient time.


These are my Favourite serums and they are priced at $108 . second bottle at 50% off, while promotion lasts.


Pretty nice area and neat area for after treatment to check my skin and to do touch up before my next appointment.


Moving on into the facial treatment room.

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My skin concern :

As i have been involve with too much outdoor activities  and was concern if freckles and pigmentation issue will make my skin looks dull or uneven skin tone. I also have light pigmentation around the cheek area.

There is area of dullness on my forehead, skin below my cheek and under eye. When Daphne, my beauty therapist accessed my skin, she analyzed and suggested to do a Exuviance whitening facial for me, as it include antioxidant properties products that would normalize cell turnover for brightening skin, refreshing eye mask and diminish my under eye puffiness, also my expression lines around my nose to lips area .

As a blogger, there is always late night for me , Exuviance whitening facial  helps in tiredness in my skin.


What would be suggested for my skin at Exuviance Club?
Exuviance Whitening facial , it is a 80 mins solution for my dullness, tired skin. There is alot of facial massage involved and no clinical machine. it is suitable for all skin type and i find that it is very effective from just 1 facial treatment. i also received good comment the next day after my facial treatment.

What i like about the Whitening Facial Treatment at Exuviance Club ?
There is alot of facial massage involved and i can really feel relaxed. i am not pressured to talk during my facial and instead i am asked to rest and closed my eyes. i feel relaxed and the product are good for my skin. There is no painful extraction as well.

I bring home with a confidence in my skin and a smile in my face. Definately worth my time and distance to be there.

I have faith in Exuviance Club because of its good skincare technology as well as the research that the two doctors in the skincare industry.

Read more here : {CLICK HERE}

And watch the video of the outstanding doctors :

For more details :

Operation hour from Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 6.30pm.
Last appointment is at 5.30pm. We are closed on public holidays and weekends.

6 Tagore Drive
#01-06 Tagore Building
Singapore 787623

Please feel free to call : 6508 1851 to book an appointment at your most convenient time.
For more information, you can visit our website at

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