WePlay is mobile gaming just the way you like it


Mobile social gamers can now experience a whole new social gaming experience with the launch of WePlay.

A unique feature of this mobile game store is its ability to use consumer analytics to offer recommendations specially tailored to the user’s gaming preferences. WePlay also includes a social gaming aspect which allows users to connect with like-minded gamers, recommend games to one another and share their achievements with friends.

WePlay offers a library of hundreds of games for Android mobile devices, including hits such as Candy Crush, Acorn Buster, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, and more. WePlay is currently available only for SingTel mobile users who can download it for free on Google Play (play.google.com). In addition, it will be pre-installed on most upcoming SingTel Android devices.

Gamers can start playing immediately – no sign-up is required. In-app purchases are billed to the user’s subscription or pre-paid plan, and protected with a purchase key.

WePlay delivers a rich, one-stop mobile social gaming destination for customers to discover, download and play games with friends in a single engaging app. The social aspect is very strong with the entire experience centred on the end users and their friends. Everyone instantly knows who is playing what and can easily join in

Have fun with WePlay mobile gaming 🙂 

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