Various Selection of Japanese exclusivity at


Hi everyone, are you a fan of Japanese Snacks?
for me i love japanese snacks when i am bored studying and you can see i look really bored. so i am sharing this simple post with you and what i have got myself.


And i got Yamamotonoriten Nori Chips to cheer me up. i got it from

Limited Japa is a starway to the exclusive Japan goods. The secrets of a precious heritage now revealed through a selection of fine quality products that makes japanese cultural exception. There is Sake, Yokan, Japan traditional dolls, Yukata, and much more~! (CLICK HERE)

Whether for tableware, traditional clothing, omotenashi (japanese legendary hospitality), the interest of the world in japanese unique culture increases. there is rare products , various selection of japanese exclusivity and also for those who want to know more about the real Japan!

So have fun and buy something for yourself just like me 🙂

And it is nicely wrapped 🙂


Ta daaa…..



Have a happy weekend!!! 🙂 Cheers!~~

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