The NEW Braun Silk . épil 7 SkinSpa Review

hi everyone,
Do you have hair that you have to constantly remove that like armpit hair, hair from our legs, hands, and other body parts. And usually the easiest method is by shaving. Shaving causes ingrown hair in the long run and this is something that we do not want it to happen to us.
Ingrown hairs can be caused by dead skin cells blocking the exit of the hair shaft making it difficult for hair to “find a clear path” to the surface. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells and therefore minimizes the likelihood of ingrown hairs.#BraunSG
Introducing the new Braun Silk . épil 7 SkinSpa, the world’s No. 1 epilator brand . For up to 4 weeks of smooth skin.
i would say, it is better than wax on short hairs and better than manual exfoliation.
And common questions on my experiences with The NEW Braun Silk . épil 7 SkinSpa Review :
Question : is it painful to use an epilator? 
Answer : not for The NEW Braun Silk . épil 7 SkinSpa . Though made of 40 close -grip Tweezers, it remove hair as short as a grain of sand (0.5mm)
5 GREAT reasons Why do we epilate? 
– Long Lasting smoothness
– Helps hair grow back less noticeably
– Removes even the shortest hair
– Gentle, so great for sensitive skin
– not just for legs
5 GREAT reasons Why do we exfoliate? 
– Restores natural skin radiance
– Gives you softness you cant stop touching
– minimises ingrown hairs ( my favourite point! 🙂 )
– prepares skin for moisturisation
– provides gentle and relaxing micro-massage
The NEW Braun Silk . épil 7 SkinSpa is the best epilator so far for me as it can be used wet and dry and removes the shortest , finest hair , up to 4x shorter than a wax can catch . giving up to 4 weeks of smooth skin . This long-lasting smoothness is something that i love it. 🙂 and that saves alot of time so that i don’t need to spend extra money to head down to wax my hair. it is so convenient at my finger tips whether i do it in my shower or just dry to remove unwanted hair.
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if you are a man and are looking for a shaving devices, feel free to read on my entry about Braun Shavers (CLICK HERE)
And if you are a lady reading this, this may be a good gift idea for your beloved hubby, boyfriend , father or even your brother. 🙂

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