Look young with the NEW Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream

hi everyone,

Let us do a skincare on the mirror and take a look at how our skin looks. Can you spot any feature in your face that is sagging?

Do you know what causes skin to sag? 
it is not just gravity . With age , skin’s supportive collagen structure begins to shrink and become fragmented. And Hyaluronic acid (the natural substance that gives skin volume and fullness) diminishes.

Our eye areas tend to sag as times goes by and it does show our age. Especially if you are using force lashes, it is pretty obvious and the eye area can sag pretty fast.

Also double chin, necklines and our expression lines as well can eventually form and show us our age.

So how do we prevent ageing? As we know that lasers , fillers, and botox are not permanent thus we will definately need to maintain and we all do want to look young as much as how we look 10 years ago.

In the presentation, Origins shared with us the following :


Powerful as it is by the name of the product, we have Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream , and yes, it is really powerful and show effective results in just 14 days!!!

Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream helps rebuild lost collagen and increase skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid to visibly restore volume and density to sagging skin.  Now the amazing benefits of African Anogeissus are blended with rare, revolumizing indian commiphora complex long used in traditional ayurvedic medicine. Origins indian commiphora complex helps increase skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, a major component of firm, smooth, plump skin.


Anogeissus, the powerful ingredient behind plantscription , is found in the republic of ghana , west africa. there it is known as siiga( which means “the soul” ) For centuries, local tribes have harvested the trees leaves and bark to use as a natural wound healer.

This cutting edge cream with Anogeissus and commiphora lifts skinup , up , up to help create the illusion of the modern V – the new must have heart shaped face . your chin will appear slimmer and sharper . skin will look firmer and plumper. contours will be refined. what’s not to love!

92% showed visibly lifted and re-contoured skin in just 2 weeks!!!! 

My review after using Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream for 14days 

i am really impressed by how smooth the texture of the cream is . And it absorbed into the skin pretty fast. there is no sticky or oily feeling unlike most lifting cream, which i really dont like the sticky or oily feeling. i am pretty addicted to use Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream as it also has a very gentle scent of plants extract.

My Review on  the NEW Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream
i think this product is suitable for guys as well because it will ease of the fine lines around the forehead . Also, my friends noticed that my face looks shaper and i give credit to the NEW Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream! Now, i am still using it and i totally love to be how it plump up my skin 🙂

Get you NEW Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream at the nearest departmental store and lift up up and get the beautiful heart shaped face 🙂  try the texture of the product and you will love it like i do!

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i find my skin feel smooth and the expression lines seemed to have greatly improved, will continue to use it , to see maximum result 🙂 and hopefully a shaper jawline and facial feature in natural way by using the NEW Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream. It is retail at $110 🙂 at leading departmental stores in singapore

Have a GREAT week ahead and get yours to try, looking good this festive season !!! 🙂 And may you find love to celebrate with you next month 🙂 the month of love!!! ❤

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