Tech Review : TUNEMAX BARREL 5200

hi everyone,

Nowadays smart phones are soooo useful that there is so many things we can do on the move , however, having the most powerful device always come with the most common and greatest problem of all, that is “oh no, my device is running low in battery” !

For me i really felt that without a charging device with me can be a great problem because , i might not be able to contact anyone or if there is last minute changes in venue on the meetup location , it will be a great problem for me.


And i am very glad to have TUNEMAX BARREL 5200 . it can power to charge smartphones 2 times rechargeable battery for USB devices.Also, it served as a torchlight with 2 bright LED bulbs.

TUNEMAX Barrel is a rechargeable battery for charging devices when on the go. Having a capacity of 5200mAh, it can fully charge regular smartphones two times. The LED flashlight feature will help in emergency situations.

TUNEMAX BARREL 5200  is retailed at $79.90 at starhub store. 

i personally like it alot as it charges pretty fast, it is powerful and definately handy and you can see that is it within the size of my palm. The weight of TUNEMAX BARREL 5200  is 125g. Size at 100(d) x 45 (W) x 23.5(h) mm. It is really useful for smartphones/music player /game player devices that do not have external batteries function .

Also, rest assured that TUNEMAX BARREL 5200 can last for at least 1 year as they have a 1 year warranty. unlike devices , X brand or y brand, which u might pay half the price of TUNEMAX and it doesnt last you even for 3 months.

if you do agree with me, it is time to look into real brand like TUNEMAX BARREL 5200 and get a good one for the benefit of a long term usage. 🙂 


TUNEMAX BARREL 5200 came in a variety of colors.

for more support and info, pls visit :
TUNEMAX BARREL 5200 is designed in Japan and Made in China

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