The world’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise, Menchie is in Singapore!

< Special Media Preview >

As the world’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise, Menchie’s offers an unparalleled store experience with high-quality yogurt imported directly from California.

Imported all the way from the US, menchie’s frozen yogurt is made from the fresh milk of “happy cows” in california.

Menchie’s happy cows eat healthily, play freely , live comfortably and are not treated with growith hormones (rBST)

Menchie’s is finally coming to Singapore!

Ginevi am greeted by the Menchie’s mascot! And the kids totally love him! And i have to steal a quick minute to take this photo to show you how cute it is.


Tada…. my mixed! Chocolate banana and peanut butter yogurt, toppings , banana cake and honey stars, something very “naughty” and “rebels” coz i was so craving for chocolates 🙂 and honey stars and i am so glad to find it all here at menchies. It is so smooth and soft and i totally love it. 🙂 hmmm mmm… yummy < slurp >


Menchie’s made my day instantly and i totally love the self service choices that i can get to choose what i want and the friendly staff is very helpful to guide me through. 🙂 definately a place for some mood boost and walking away with a smile. You can also opt for their special made waffle bowl. < hmm… perhaps i will try that next time 😉 >

And feel free to take home nice Menchie’s stickers, temporary tattoos and be sure to come back for new favours every week! 🙂


Menchie’s Singapore will offer a premium selection of 12 rotating flavors and 44 delicious toppings.


i am very honor to be hosted by this friendly and lovely team . i am glad they read my blog too 🙂 i will definately come back again for some yogurt 🙂 and i would like to recommand to all of you here!

They do have a corner where you can book for your company event or birthday celebration. it is very fun to host event with yogurt 🙂 and at a good location at vivocity 🙂


There is also a nice corner where you can feel free to draw season greetings message to menchie’s


and menchie’s corner where you can see the photos of the media


Thanks josephine for the exclusive media preview at the Menchie’s flagship store in Southeast Asia at VivoCity . And i am taking home Tiramisu Menchie’s for my family 🙂  And i am sure my mummy will love this! 🙂 My mum has a sweet tooth just like me and she totally love Tiramisu 🙂




Menchie’s are loved by celebrities and we can see

Jennifer Garner and her daughter visit Menchie’s


And Justin Bieber with Menchie’s

 photo credited to google search >

Also, Check out the youtube videos and Menchie’s is featured at Smurf-over too!!!

and there is so many press about Menchie’s {CLICK HERE}

Menchie’s definately a mood booster and bring me to some rich creamy menchie’s when i am moody plsssss. 

Menchie’s is located at vivocity #01-113/114 (near sentosa gateway exit )

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