Masterchef Australia Season 5 – Lifetime Starhub channel 514

Masterchef Australia is an Australian competitive cooking game featuring restaurateur and chef Gary Mehugan, chef George calombaris and food critic Matt Preston as the show’s main judges.

Now showing Masterchef Australia Season 5 – Lifetime Starhub channel 514
Weekdays at 7pm and 11pm!

We’ll meet a new bunch of hopefuls who  bring their passion and talent from their kitchens at home to the Masterchef kitchen. sweating it out as they prepare the best meals of their lives , all the hopes of becoming the next Masterchef Australia!

Here’s a sneak of ….

Amina’s Dinner Event at Food For Thought!

it was a privilege to meet her in person and to try out her blessed culinary expertise on the spot.

Before we begin, we had crackers and cheese and nice red wine to begin as appetizers

WP_20131119_003 WP_20131119_005 WP_20131119_006

The host introducing Amina El Shafei
Amina is blessed with culinary expertise that originates from two different parts of the world – the middle east and asia – thanks to her egyptian dad and south korean mum.

She would love to one day own a funky but traditional middle eastern mezze restaurant.


Interestingly , as a child she started to show interest in cooking and to get her started , her parents would give her bad jobs like…. PEELING ONIONS! {haaa… a very typical cinderella story }


And we got to try Amina El Shafei Sun dried tomato, mushroom and cream cheese pasta

it is pretty addictive as i taste it, i realised that i couldn’t stop myself from having more pasta. hmm… i really love how easy she made this but it is so favourful and everything was just right and yummylicious. The pasta is cooked and become al dente and i love the little tasteful peppery and the chopped parsley leaves that serve and make the pasta tasting soooo very Gooood. 🙂 And at our table, there is some of us bringing it home !

Amina is very personable , fun and i believe she will do well running a pasta business 🙂 all the best Amina!

Check out her spectacular video :

And don’t forget to catch Masterchef Australia Season 5 – Lifetime Starhub channel 514
Weekdays at 7pm and 11pm!

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