Christmas Special : Detox Nectar by Mygenlife

Christmas is round the corner and festive feasting and sweets like log cakes, cup cakes, chocolates, christmas cookies, ginger bread are so unavoidable. House parties are so unavoidable with meats, turkey, hams, ribs  and so many more.

i am very glad to be introduced to the wonderful product during this festive season. it is Detox Nectar by Mygenlife. it contains vegetables enzyme that helps to digest the food we feast on and it is easily consumed by drinking 1 bottle a day.

Slow infrequent bowel movements may cause fatigue, bloat and overall sluggish feeling. Mygenlife Detox Nectar drink stimulates cleansing by eliminating waste matter that sticks to the walls of the colon over the years . it also helps to maximise assimilation of essential vitamins and minerals in the body system.

After drinking a bottle of Detox Nectar by Mygenlife, i noticed that my food digested pretty well, i dont feel bloated the next day after i woke up and my bowel movement was enhanced. i felt that it is particulary helpful when i had heavy dinner buffets or food tasting like {click here}


Also, i feel that my skin looks nice after having a cleaner body system.

Let us take a look at what are the main ingredients to this wonderful product : Detox Nectar by Mygenlife

Aloe Vera Gel SD 100x (Patent) helps to maintain an optimal state of health. it levels the pH , reduces stomach acidity and promotes gastro-intestinal bacteria balance.

Multi-vegetable enzyme essential in breaking down the food i consume and aids digestion

Multi-berry extact is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps to support my immune system and protect against free radicals damages.

Vitamin C & E . Vitamin  C helps my body to produce enough collagen to maintain the tissues of my digestive tract while vitamin E helps to prevent oxidative stress and aids in the digestive system.

Priced at $49.90 per box
for more information, pls click here {CLICK HERE} 


Feel Lighter, more energetic and cleaner inside 🙂

For video and products updates :

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