Brigitte Glamorous Volume Mascara – BK 1 – Review, Tried and Tested

hi everyone,
Our eyes lashes make our eyes look alluring, sexy and beautiful. i always want to have the beautiful voluminous eye lashes yet looking naturally beautiful for work or play. 🙂

so i have tried the makeup from BRIGITTE , a makeup that is made in japan and thanks for sending me Brigitte Glamorous Volume Mascara – BK 1



My Review of  Brigitte Glamorous Volume Mascara – BK 1 Tried and Tested

If the eyes be the windows to one’s soul then Brigitte’s line of eye makeup products is the hinge on which the windows swivel.

The packaging is nice and handy and well designed 🙂


i have got the shade BK-1, 32g .


i love the brush comb of the mascara brush. it allows me to evenly spread on each eyelash, make it thick and natural . The most notable, smudge-proof film coating that is resistant against oil ,perspiration and tears. combination of jojoba oil, olive squalene (moisturising ingredients) that protects my lashes from dropping and breaking.


see how it makes my lashes natural and lining the eyes and not over-doing it.   Naturally beautiful for work or play.


Brigitte is a brand under the SHO-BI Corporation, a Japanese stalwart well-known for the Diamond Beauty and Decorative Eyelash line. So it’s apt that the Brigitte line of decorative eyelashes encompasses both the romantic and “kawaii’ elements. The extensive cosmetic line also includes lip gloss, lipstick, brow pencils, blushes, eye shadow palettes in a variety of colours.

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With the allure and beauty Brigitte cosmetics’ promise, women everywhere will say “I’m in love!” or as they say in France, “Je suis sous le charme!”

Brigitte cosmetics can be found at Watsons, ALT (Bugis BHG) and Takashimaya B1( Beginning December 2013).

Do you know?
Brigitte Cosmetics Launch in Singapore with Andy Lee, Celebrities & Bloggers‎

for more information :

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