Dejavu Keep Style Mascara – up and curl your lushes day till night!

Thanks for the opportunity to review the newly launched Dejavu Keep Style Mascara !

Its available exclusively at Sasa in November which is like in 1 day time!  Priced at S$25 which is really reasonable. Its a mascara in between Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long and Dejavu Lash Knockout , so it does a decent job for both lengthening as well as volumizing. Ladies, there’s no need to worry about lengthening without volumizing or too clumpy eye lashes!!

Dejavu “Keep Style Mascara” : A film mascara that keeps eyelashes curled upwards all day long

The Reason why i have chosen most of my days to use mascara instead of false lashes because false lashes can pull the eye area of the skin downwards and forming droopy eyes. so it is good to use mascara where it helps to lift up your lashes on every application.

Through intense research and development, Dejavu has created a new film mascara, an improvement on Paint-On False Lashes, a mascara which stays smudge-proof all day long, and comes off easily with warm water. Unlike other water-based film mascaras, Dejavu’s unique polymer formulation gives a long-lasting upward-curl hold.  

“I want mascara that gives me smudge-free eyelashes that stay curled upwards all day, that I can remove easily.”  i always said that . And i am glad to find Dejavu Keep Style Mascara. Also, it is made in Japan


This is the insight that spurred our development.

Traditional wax based mascara has a strong curl hold, but requires more effort to remove due to it’s hardening nature. It also causes smudging under the eyes.

We aimed to develop a new mascara which not only kept eyelashes upward all day long, but was also smudge resistant as well as easily removed.

Film based mascara is water-soluble and easily removed with warm water. By perfecting the moisture level in our film-based mascara, we ended up with a mascara that washes away easily without excessive lash moisture, the major cause of drooping eyelashes.

A film mascara that keeps eyelashes curled upwards all day long. 

【Keeps lashes curled upwards all day long】
【Oil/water resistant and smudge-free】
【washes off easily with warm water】

① Keeps lashes curled upwards all day long
How?  Dejavu Keep Style Mascara boasts an “Artificial Water Polymer”, not actual water, which allows for a liquid-based film mascara with low-moisture content, preventing eyelash droop for eyelashes that stay curled upwards for longer.

Conventional film structure
Typical film mascaras have a high moisture content, and have a weak hold, which leads to dropping lashes.
Artifical Water Polymer – an innovation in film

② The mascara’s low moisture content helps keep lashes curled upwards, and prevents drooping. How?  Stronger, firmer film that supports eyelashes, preventing drooping.

Conventional film mascara has high levels of moisture, which translates to a soft hold and a curl that doesn’t last. We solved this problem with our new formulation, by using high-solidity natural resins and Artificial Water Polymers, creating a strong low-moisture film which keeps the eyelashes curled upwards.

A medium-volume application, with enhanced upward curl hold.

Our high density film binds firmly to lashes. Slim-form Artificial Water Polymers create a fine, sticky film, binding firmly to lashes. Harder Fibers also give lashes just the right volume, enhancing appearance.

A specifically developed film for “Keep Style Mascara”.

③ Prevents smudging all day long, eliminating the appearance of “Panda-eyes“.
How?   The fine film is oil/water proof, and stays smudge-free even when rubbed, thanks to it’s Binding Polymer, which effectively binds the film while maintaining a smooth, fine surface.

Conventional film structure

Conventional film has a rough, uneven surface with gaps that allow sweat, sebum and tears to collect, causing weakening and damage.

An innovative Artificial Water Polymer film

A Binding Polymer binds each film thickly and smoothly… Forming a seamless Wrapping Film that is resistant to sweat, sebum and tears.

Easy removal with warm water.  < i love this especially because during travel trips, it is really convenient! >
How?  The adhesive strength of the film is lasting, but swells when in contact with warm water, creating a coat. This film coat can be washed off easily with warm water.

This means they slide off your lashes, with minimal damage to the lashes or their shape.

Conventional film structure Conventional film formulas detach from lashes in a peeling motion, altering the condition and shape of your lashes.

An innovative Artificial Water Polymer film Slides off the way it slid on.

“Keep Style Brush” is composed of both long and short hairs. This varied length brush catches plenty of film liquid, allowing it to bind firmly to eyelashes with just a single coating, brushing and coating lashes in one motion.

And this is me experimenting with Dejavu Keep Style Mascara and it pumps up my eyes pretty well. 🙂 i love it.


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