FreshKon Alluring Eyes Product Review for contact lens

FreshKon® integrates fashion with lifestyle comfort and has it’s presence in over 50 countries worldwide, providing a range of comfortable cosmetic contact lenses that give you bigger, brighter eyes in an instant!

Appealing to professionals, managers, executives and business owners (PMEBs), FreshKon® Alluring Eyes 1-DAY lenses address the growing demand for daily disposable cosmetic lenses, offering the ultimate healthy and comfortable cosmetic enhancement solution for both prescription contact lens wearers and people with perfect eyesight who are seeking easy, effective eye cosmetic enhancement.

Brilliantly conceptualized, beautifully designed Alluring Eyes cosmetic contact lenses are the easiest route to bigger, brighter eyes in an instant. Enhanced your natural beauty and confidence with FreshKon® Alluring Eyes.
Picture 2
My Review of trying FreshKon® alluring eyes 1-day
i tried freshkon alluring eyes 1-day, i felt comfortable wearing it and through the 8 hours of wearing, my eyes does not feel dry or foggy effect. it is not itchy like some brands that bought from internet. pretty much at ease. And the good thing is, the mistic grey is very natural and the color is not overwhelming, it gives my eyes some new look and overall bigger and brighter look and is pretty fashionable. 🙂
536241_10152002734280020_633128003_n 1465319_10152002734675020_140599817_n
i love the way my eyes look… alluring and brilliant 🙂
Good to buy and wear and bring a new look to your day 🙂
FreshKon® is the cosmetic lens brand which realizes the vision of more beautiful eyes for everyone.

Wearing FreshKon® Alluring Eyes 1-DAY Cosmetic Lenses projects an Elegant, 

Professional and Confident personality. 

Well-groomed and smart, FreshKon® Alluring Eyes 1-DAY wearers are dynamic 20 to 35 year olds, with a preference for timeless and classic styles. Confident and polished, they pursue a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Career is important to them and they command the respect of the people around them.

FreshKon® Alluring Eyes 1-DAY lenses are available in three natural, alluring shades: 

1. Mystical Black
2. Winsome Brown
3. Magnetic Grey

FreshKon® Alluring Eyes 1-DAY lenses are available at participating optical outlets for $56 for a box of 30 pcs (15 pairs).   


1. Water Content: 58%
2. Diameter: 14.2mm
3. Base Curve: 8.5mm
4. Wide Power Range: -0.00D (Plano/non-powered lens), -0.50D to -6.00D (0.25 steps) / -6.50D to -10.00D (0.50 steps)  

Features & Benefits 

1. Aesthetic Appeal:  Defined outline for alluring bigger, brighter eyes effect in  natural shades
2. Superior Comfort:
a. Hydrophilic (water loving) surface for comfortable wear
b. 58% water content for optimal comfort
c. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for optimum ocular lubrication and
hydration, thus enhanced comfort and clarity
3. The healthier choice: Daily disposable – a fresh new pair everyday
a. UV inhibitor (Blocks 80% of UVA and 96% of UVB
4. Easy Handling:  Easy to fit, no curling lens problem
5. Excellent Vision:  Large optical zone for clear vision
6. Wider Power Range: Wide power range from -0.00D to 10.00D

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