Ludeya Singapore x S.H.E concert in Singapore! Win Tickets to S.H.E Concert!!!

hi everyone,
Do you know that using beauty mask is no longer a girl’s thing, nowadays it is pretty much encourage to guys vividly using mask on their skin. you can watch it here :
And the good news is LUDEYA from Taiwan has arrived in singapore.
LUDEYA, a new generation of facial masks and the number of facial masks made using a 21 day bio fermentation process.  Endorsed by Celebrity Selina Jen, the mask has been launched in Singapore .
Celebrity Selena Jen who has previously suffered from burns and has been using Ludeya for two years before becoming an official spokesperson. Ludeya adopts a high technology bio-cellulose.
This is the first skincare endorsement since her burn accident in 2010 . Despite taking a three-year hiatus from showbiz to recover from her burns, the 31 year old’s popularity remains unrivalled.
Selina revealed how the Ludeya Bio Cellulose Mask shifted the destiny of her skin. ” i am vey particular about my skin moisture level , and was very excited when i learnt that Ludeya utilizes the same bio cellulose technology that is used to treat burn and wounds. after using Ludeya bio cellulose mask, my skin felt plumper , smoother and rejuvenated! i am happy to share my Ludeya beauty secret with my fans! ” she said.
Ginevi review on using Ludeya Bio Cellulose Hydro White Moisturizing mask :
i am really happy to have the privilege to try this high quality Bio Cellulose mask.
The packaging is white in a box and it really looks very pretty like diamonds and the box is bright in silver. Unlike other mask that do not even comes with a box.
Quality of the mask is really good and i am giving 5 stars for this because i never use such a mask before . i am really impressed, it feels like an ” artificial skin ” and it was known that this bio cellulose technology was initially used as a medical treatment for various types of wounds and burns. This is unlike those cloth mask. i really like it and it really cool the skin alot due to the texture and quality of the mask.
Effectiveness of the mask is pretty obvious that the skin is intensely hydrated after using and the expression lines is soothe and calm down. the own exclusive Seanol essence is very impressive as it is rich and creamy. The beneficial ingredients delivers intensive moisturizing topical treatment into the dermis.
i feel the price is reasonable and now watsons is selling it at $9.90. yes it is worth every cents. You won’t regret your $9.90 if you try. 🙂 Ludeya is unlike other mask in the market.
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Packaging ★ ★ ★ ★
Quality ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Effectiveness ★ ★ ★ ★
Value: ★ ★ ★ ★


So, why are taiwan girls as beautiful and have nice skin? because, nowadays giving mask as gift is so common… would you guys consider that?



Where to get these wonderful mask? 
at any local Watson’s and SASA store

How much is Ludeya Mask? 
1 box is at $9.90 🙂 < recommanded and thumbs up, it is so affordable 🙂 >

Ludeya Singapore is running a promotion for S.H.E concert in Singapore. It would be great if you can share Ludeya’s Facebook Link ( with your post.

Fans of S.H.E stand a chance to win a pair of VIP Concert Tickets worth $456. 
All they need to do is share an image of themselves posing with Ludeya Facial Mask and upload, share and tag 50 friends onto Ludeya’s Facebook Page (

Alternatively, contestants can “Check In” at any local Watson’s and SASA store with a photo of them holding on to the Ludeya’s mask (together with a promotional board for SASA – to be requested from SASA Staff),  upload, share and tag 1 friend to the photo on Ludeya’s fan page (

Why wait? Check out these wonderful mask and make your skin looks beautiful and youthful 🙂 Stay happy always !

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