Braun Presents The Future of Shaving

hi everyone,
today i am going to share about something that the man will use. Braun Presents The Future of Shaving. Braun Cool Tec. The world’s 1st shaver with active cooling Technology. it puts skin irritation on ice 🙂

Introducing the all new Braun °CoolTec, the revolutionary new dry shaver that has the power to take the heat out of shaving and put shaving irritation on ice. This is quite possibly the most technologically advanced dry shaver in the world, delivering a simply outstanding shaving performance for men with sensitive skin.

Braun °CoolTec 3 stage cutting system adapts automatically to facial contours , simultaneously shaving short and long hairs with every stroke. Braun °CoolTec is equipped with advanced sensoblade, specially designed to capture and cut hairs growing in different directions for an ultimate smooth shave. Braun °CoolTec also comes with a powerful long hair trimmer for easy and precise styling of beard and sideburns. 

Fully charged in an hour , Braun °CoolTec is available with automatic clean & charge station , an efficient cleaning process be spoke to Braun. At the simple touch of a button , the shaver is hygienically cleaned, charged and lubricated for maximum convenience , keeping the key precision cutting parts in top condition.


Two models of Braun °CoolTec , CT4s and CT5cc, will be available in singapore from 1 November 2013 at all major electrical chain stores , departmental stores, selected  hypermarkets and independent electrical stores. the retail prices are $289 for CT4s and $369 for CT5cc. for more information, pls visit

Daddy’s Review on CT4s 
I my got the CT4s for my dad to try it.  the review that he mention was that it is really a very comfortable shaver , the best so far he has ever use and it is so cooling and it does not irritates the skin. The next day and the following after next, the area of the shaved hair does not feel itchy or discomfort too. Also, using it is very easy and hassle-free. 🙂

Would recommand to try it out  from 1 November 2013 at all major electrical chain stores , departmental stores, selected  hypermarkets and independent electrical stores

Well, ginevi says it will be a GOOD CHRISTMAS present for your boyfriends, and love ones 🙂

And a Really cool news that…

Braun Ambassador : Sebastian Vettel
Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel on winning the Singapore Grand Prix 2013. Truly an amazing race and a comprehensive victory.

So cool to be using a shaver that the F1 racer is using. it is so afforadable that you can afford one as well.


Remember to like their facebook page at and stand a chance to win a brand new Braun °CoolTec shaver:

After reading such cool technology… wondering will there be a female Braun for ladies… hmm… or i have to live with my current epilator. ….


…. give us ladies some cooling technology plsssss. …  🙂

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