Think About Our Boys ! NSF, OCS, SAF, Learn about them!

As part of the programme, Think About Our Boys ! i am invited to a sneak peek of our full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) training at the Office Cadet School (OCS) in their full battle order uniform. This is also a chance to meet with our men and women SAF officers from our Regular core to share about the work they do.

Let’s take a look as we went up the bus for a tour around . 







 IMG_0755   IMG_0759 IMG_0757 IMG_0758     IMG_0764


And at the SAF Tower… nice view from the top. 88metres high 🙂 and in their morning training they have to run up and down .

Tough times don’t last tough people do 🙂 


IMG_0767 20130921_122855       20130921_122524     20130921_122511 

This is really an eye opening experiences and alot of things to know. i really respect all their hardwork and dedication… really not easy and the female i met, i am really proud of them!

The place is also decorated with nice item and deco. 



Make fashion meet the military!



We are pampered with a free nail art service where i could get my nails done in a military theme!

And this is my nails : 



Do you like my nails? my nails is done by one of my favourite manicurist who is very creative and she has done my twinstar nails. <CLICK HERE> to see my twin star nails .

Beautiful Nail Art Indulgence, Loi’s Studio is a home based nail salon located in Singapore.
Loi, strives to design Creative, Fashionable and Sophisticated nails specially for you!
The Service and charges are all here :




There will be four designs to choose from – two Army themes, one Navy theme and one Air Force theme.

They are very thoughtful and prepare lunch for us 🙂


Also they have partnered with Weworkz to showcase some military-themed accessories using old SAF uniforms that have been decommissioned. These are sew by woman who are not unable to commit to a full time job , so every cent counts in helping them get a job 🙂

And i got myself a military bag. i really love it very very very much!!!! if you are interested to get one, u can go to their website

Every piece is unique. Every piece is worn by a natioal service man and lovingly handmade by the woman where they train and provide training and sewing employment.


The flower is handmade too. every piece is handmade and this cost only $8.90


The multi purpose bag cost $19.90


And a casual clutch bag cost $39.90


Thanks for all the lovely goodies for all of us and thanks step for arranging this . 



And to all the Boys there…. All the best and respect to you!


Army Museum at 520 Upper Jurong Road

Like and shared the boys at OCS facebook page. They are looking forward to showing you how they train  @ .

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