Ginevi went to Morganfield’s RibFest and Birthday Bash!

Morganfield’s RibFest 19 september celebrate its very 1st Birthday on a very auspicious day during mooncake festival. 2 days after the $1 promotion which happens on the 17th september .

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Their $1 promotion was so successful and ribs is sold out within 3.5 hours. the customers are very happy as it is very organised. Perhaps for those who didnt get the $1… they will try it next year 🙂

i really love the Morganfield’s RibFest where there is live music, nice singing and songs, radio friendly hits and a birthday celebration


And appetizer and side dish served :

20130919_191932  20130919_192502

Morganfield’s Rib is one of the best ribs i have tried in singapore!

The climax of the event with the 6 pounds ribs… which i visualise as a cute looking rib … the pineapple kinda look like the eyes to me.



it is time!!! we are so excited to eat the ribs!


Also, there is great people sitting together. it is a beautiful night with nice ribs and nice music and nice people 🙂


and we had this awesome monster ribs!


Awesomeness!!! 🙂 to end with desserts : Salted caramel, honey rum


Check out my instagram for the video of the birthday party :


and more details pls refer to , time to head on down there and try some real ribs yourself… and currently they are having limited promotion period menu… Honey Rum ribs and desserts… some secret receipe that they add in there… still felt that it is really addictive and palatable to me for a girl who is pretty concern on food … Ginevi says ” Double Thumbs-up!!!! Try it yourself !”



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