My Favourite Haircare Products that i use at home

Hi everyone,
today i am going to share with you my favourite haircare products that i bought at urban hair at MBS . it is going to be Aveda damage remedy™ restructuring shampoo and Aveda Clove Color conditioner (brown)

As you know my hair was pretty much damaged by lots of hair coloring at hair profile where the hair stylish didn’t bother to even do treatment and hair care for me …though color looks nice but the hair is very dry and damaging.

So, i have to resort into buying Good product that is natural and good to my hair and also cut my hair ends to quite alot. during this period of time… i use GREAT shampoo and i choose Aveda damage remedy™ restructuring shampoo

Aveda damage remedy™ restructuring shampoo


My gentle daily shampoo helps repair damage with quinoa protein, while nurturing with rich coconut and babassu-lending new life to hair.

– part of a four-step restructuring system
-helps hair weakened by chemical processes, heat styling and environmental exposure
-babassu and coconut-based cleansing formula is kind to damaged hair
– with quinoa protein-to help strengthen and repair hair from the inside out

True to the benefits, i received positve feedback from my friends saying my hair really looks nice and healthy nowadays. i also felt that my hair texture has very much be improved.

Next up, i am using a brown conditioner and i choose Aveda Clove Color conditioner ( brown) . earlier on, i have experiment with paul michell red condition as i have red hair however it is not as good to reserve the color. i find that my hair color doesnt not look as vibrantly protect as Aveda clove color conditioner. the conditoner redyes my hair each time i use it and conditions my hair and leaves my hair light manageable yet looking nice in the color.

Aveda Clove Color conditioner (brown)

Enriches warm tones in medium brown shades of hair. Contains organically grown clove to help enhance warm tones and purify the scalp. Organically grown coffee helps to intensify brown shades.

•Leaves hair lightweight and manageable
•For brunettes and honey shades
•Not intended for lighter shades

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you can get your aveda hair product here :

Urban Hair Salon
T. +65 6688 7766
2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-02/03/04 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956.

For hair i felt that it is ok to spend abit more on good hair product as our hair is part of our head . Also, do consider before dyeing your hair… too much hair dyeing can really spoil your hair and if the hair salon you go to is not really putting your hair to the best interest , i would advice not to go.

So check out Aveda Hair care products at Urban Hair Salon 🙂


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