Creative highlights – Big On Trend with Hair Profile

hi everyone,

Yes Creative highlights is big on trend. whether you are a full time student. full time bloggers or even full time office executive or manager, it really doesnt matter . Hair colors are getting more common and with more creativity and modern look, different technique and more shades and colours can be applied to boring brown shades. 

Today at hair profile, i get my browns on red shading, pretty lots and yet looking radiant and vibrants overall yet not over doing it.

Say a BIG GOOD BYE to those boring same-old-style highlights!

Lets take a look at how my hair transform :
before it start… my hair look like this boring dark brown…
And i bumped into Juliana at hair profile 🙂
And after a while… this is what i got … Creative highlights
Creative Highlights brings in more fun and better alternatives to the usual highlights as it’s more natural looking and it also makes your tresses super trendy!
Red is especially suitable for my
IMG_0564 IMG_0565
And you might be thinking how bright this looks… is it suitable for the office environment… lets take a look at me in my OL look.
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