The Launch of Colla-e with Omega 3

Collagen is most effective with Omega 3

The Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil have been shown to be very effective at reducing inflammation. Acne sufferers can benefit from a reduction in the amount of bacteria present and Omega 3 fats are very good anti bacterials.

The oils in Omega 3 supplements are very similar to the natural oils produced by your skin itself and keeping your skin hydrated and better moisturized by taking Omega 3 fatty acids is an important part of an overall skin care routine and is also very important to your general health as well. Lastly, Omega3 fats, whilst being an effective anti-inflammatory have no significant health side effects.

They are packed in convenient sachet


Try Colla-e’s top selling product of the month- Collagen drink with Multi-Vitamins enhanced with Omega 3- A health supplement like no other.

My Review on drinking  Colla-e with Omega 3 : 
i like the taste of Colla-e Collagen. it is not too sweet, too sour . i like that it is addictively tasty and easy to drink and bring along even when i travel. 1 travel size is 30ml . 🙂 Usually i will drink it before i sleep and wakeup with beautiful radiance skin. This is my way of maintaining good skin other than using V 10 Plus 🙂

of coz some of your might say doing laser is the fastest way to get smooth radiance skin… however daily skin maintenance is needed. drinking collagen is the way to maintain beautiful nails, hair and skin 🙂

Try drinking collagen everyday and you will see the differences in no time 🙂
Also, it is sooo tasty… try not to take more than 2 per day 🙂  (maximum 2 )

Like Colla-e face book page for more updates and information {CLICK HERE}

it is so convenient that it can even fit into my clutch. 🙂  i can recharge myself and have my collagen too even on my travel trips 🙂

20130728_140728 20130728_140825

Also, get your  Colla-e with Omega 3 at Watsons Singapore. 


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