Skyve Wine Bistro introduces new Executive Chef Jachin Tan, along with a brand new ala carte menu!

  New Chef, New Menu at Skyve Wine Bistro This month, there is much fanfare at Skyve Wine Bistro — a hot new chef on board and refreshed ala carte menu!

check out and if you are very eager to go even before reading my blog reviews… you can call 6225 6690 for reservation 🙂


Newly-appointed Executive Chef Jachin Tan will be introducing an exciting array of dishes inspired by his love for fresh produce! Formerly the sous chef of Hummerstons, Chef Jachin spent a decade working in kitchens in the United States, Australia, and Singapore. Chef Jachin studied culinary arts at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in California where he was exposed to a myriad of cuisines and techniques that continue to influence his cooking today.


New Ala Carte Additions: Fresh and Flavourful

Look out for new dishes like the refreshing Chilean Oysters topped with serrano, lime juice, red wine vinegar & cilantro, and the Seared Petuna and Ume Somen which makes for a perfect palate-opener with its pleasing combination of mango, ebiko & sesame yuzu dressing. Mains like the Spicy Kalbi Beef Short Ribs, done sous vide & glazed with a Korean-inspired sauce showcases Chef Jachin’s appreciation for Asian flavors and the Polenta Mushroom Stack, accompanied with grilled portobello, mushroom fricassee, crispy polenta cakes is an innovative and hearty vegetarian option.

Sleeping Oysters
Interesting… they are known as “Sleeping Oysters” … what run through my mind was… hmm… am i eating them when the Oysters are sleeping? haaaa,… ok infact… they are called “Sleeping Oysters” because it fits the Skyve’s theme which is a place for people to Skive 🙂 and eat sleeping oysters


Mentaiyaki – seasoned and served with mentaiko, ebiko, lemon juice and aioli ($34++ for ½ dozen)

Chilean – seasoned and served with serrano, lime juice, red wine vinegar and cilantro ($34++ for ½ dozen)

Kilpatrick – seasoned with lardon of bacon, worchestershire and chive ($34++ for ½ dozen)
< Ginevi do the Thumbs up for this dish! i pretty much like kilpatrick type of seasoning, still oysters are really good even without seasoning >


Petuna and Ume Somen – seared petuna served with ebiko, mango, chilli seasame yuzu dressing, cold somen and mesclun ($20++)


Skyve Beef Tartare – beef tartare accompanied with truffle egg yolk, cilantro, flat bread, ancho chilli aioli and thyme sea salt ($22++)


very unique layout of the dish is displayed


< Ginevi do the Thumbs up for this dish! Skyve Beef Tartare>


¥Polenta Mushroom Stack – crispy polenta cakes, mushroom fricassee, grilled Portobello, seasonal vegetables and homemade pesto ($34++)


< Ginevi will recommand to people with a vegan diet, it tasty really good, so good >

¥Sous Vide Poulet – glazed with an apricot-based sauce accompanied with candied pecans, baby vegetables, and pommes puree ($34++)


Spicy Kalbi Beef Short Ribs – sous vide short ribs with spicy kalbi glaze served with sautéed brocollini and crispy root vegetable ribbons ($36++)

< Ginevi do the Thumbs up for this dish! Spicy kalbi Beef short ribs >

Desserts Menu 
1. Mango and Cheese Semifreddo – rippled frozen mousse, frozen lime foam, sablee cookies ($12++)
2. Snickers Bar – salted caramel pudding, peanut butter, chocolate ganache feuilletine, flambed bananas, vanilla gelato ($12++)
< Ginevi do the Thumbs up for this dish! Snickers Bar >

Ginevi reviews :
I really love the way Skyve has evolved the menu over time with the chef incorporating inspirations from Korea, Australia, United States and Asia to come up with fusion Western food that is unique.Though a bit pricey, I would say to keep Skyve in your list for special occasions or chill out on lazy weekends.

Hmm… very comparable to iL Lido style… well.. it is hard to decide which is better !

So… what’s next?
Take Ginevi there for a brunch … heehee 🙂 let’s look at how it look like in the daytime  :

(√)-Skyve-Wine-Bistro-Dining-Room (√)-Skyve-Wine-Bistro-Interior 

There will be an upcoming Katnook Dinner being held on the 29th August, and we would be delighted if you could share this with you readers 🙂 You may obtain more information from the Skyve website:


Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar
10 Winstedt Rd, Singapore 227977
T:6225 6690

Food: ★ ★ ★ ★
Ambience: ★ ★ ★ ★
Value: ★ ★ ★
Service: ★ ★ ★ ★

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