NIR with EHA – Near Infrared Handpiece for topical heating of the skin

Ginevi goes to EHA to try NIR with Dr. Elias Tam. i am pretty new to this , so i try doing the area of my arms.

The NIR handpiece emits light in near infrared spectrum to provide topical heating for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature.  The NIR handpiece stimulates the infiltration of fibroblast and the formation of new collagen, enhancing the tightening effect and helping to bolster the skin against future aging. The presence of healthy collagen in the dermis helps maintain the skin’s youthful resiliency and texture.

Let me share some pictures of the procedure :

The NIR successfully treats a wide range of areas, including:

Skin tightening of body, face, and neck , arms

Laxity of post-pregnancy abdominal skin

Laxity of buttocks and  knees

Improving skin quality of décolleté

Treatment Procedure

The NIR treatment is very comfortable for patients and their experience is virtually pain-free.  Patients will typically require a series of 3 to 5 treatments over a period of several months, with each treatment lasting 30-40 minutes.

Patients of almost any age or ethnicity can be treated.

Most patients experience no downtime and immediately resume their daily routine.   

Benefits of the NIR Module 

Helps patients look and feel younger

No pain, no downtime, excellent results

IN-Motion Technology – incorporates continuous cooling mechanism, keeping the skin surface cool and  comfortable

Helps your bottom line – low operating costs and no one-time costs

Let us look at Before and After Clinical images

Promotions : 
NIR is priced at S$500 per session or if you buy two sessions, you get one session free.
It is recommended that a patient comes in every 3-4 days for treatment for maximum benefit.
For more information , visit

EHA “Look Good Feel Great”

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