Creative way to use my Zespri kiwifruit

There is more than one way to enjoy Zespri kiwifruit. i love to enjoy my Zespri kiwifruit by using it as a lip mask and to replenish my lip moisture and tenderness. 🙂

i love this method because we would under aircon and our lips is always very dry and buying a real lip mask might contain preservative and our lips and mouth is where we put our food in.

So, i would choose a safe natural and consumable product like Zespri kiwifruit

My rational and my inspiration to use this method comes from the day when i write the post on tenderising the meat using kiwifruit juice to tenderise it before cooking… see my earlier post ( click here )


and after 5mins… taaaa,,,,daaa,,,, my lips is very moisturised 🙂
try it yourself too 🙂

Don’t forget to check out to find out more about the amazing benefits of eating Zespri kiwifruit regularly. And don’t forget to like their facebook page at

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