TGIF!!! Half-way through Zespri kiwifruit 14 days challenge !

hi everyone,

Thank you for all you support in reading my Zespri kiwifruit 14 days challenge review and my receipe . i am also very glad that many of you are also trying out my recipe.

Also, some of the feedback i got about they love to read my kiwi post .
i am very glad that the simple dishes is making me love to eat kiwi so much. i have been eating kiwi everyday. each and everyone taste different. it is really amazing 🙂 i think i am hooked to eat Zespri kiwi 🙂

Along the way, i have my collegues and friends saying that green kiwi can be sour etc … and … to my surprise, after i share with them that they can actually put the kiwi fruit in a bag with apple so to help the fruit ripen and sweeten it. is really a GREAT tip and i am glad i influence them to like GREEN kiwi again 🙂 you can read my GREAT tip here ( click here )

Also, this is one method that many of my collegues like to enjoy their kiwi :
use a spoon to scoop the fruit method


This is the dish that my little cousin try out and send to me, they love fried chicken cutlet and they top it up with Zespri kiwi fruit:



Happy friday and have a GREAT weekend everyone !!! 🙂

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