Amazing nutrition from Amazing Zespri kiwi

Hi everyone,
i really love to eat at home with my family . And so far, with the amazing Zespri kiwifruit, it really got me all hooked up to it. i am eating it everyday . 🙂 i love it!!!

Zespri kiwifruit is one of the most nutrients with each bite than just about any other commonly eaten fruit. more importantly, Zespri kiwifruit is delicious and satisfying whether eat on its own or a salad actually. Me and my mummy love fruits . we love to make fruit salad.

This is my version of a fruit salad together with a Zespri kiwi
Ingredients : baby apricot, grapes, mango, sausage and zespri kiwifruit


And my mummy created this : Zespri kiwi rojak 🙂 with peanut topping
this is our healthy version and we keep it really simple with beancurb 🙂

Ingredients: 1 beancurb, 1 zespri kiwifruit, peanut grounded.
(you can also add in other ingredients like pineapple, apple, etc, it is pretty versatile to make a Rojak)

Zespri kiwifruit also encourage family bonding and i have lots of fun making Zespri dishes with my mum and we discuss what to do and so on 🙂 pretty fun and we made it simple so that you can also try it too at home 🙂

Check out to find out more about the amazing benefits of eating Zespri kiwifruit regularly. And don’t forget to like their facebook page at

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