Sharing the Useful Tips of Zespri Kiwi to start your week

Hi Everyone! it is monday again!

it is the start of the week and how’s your monday so far?

Today i have my light breakfast with my mum and dad and my milk. 🙂 it is refreshing to have fruits for breakfast and i hope you are also eating Zespri kiwi.

The Zespri® Green Kiwifruit can be rather firm when you buy it. And some of you might tell me, i don’t like the green kiwi because it is sour.  In fact if it is ripen it is not sour at all.

There are several ways of ripening your kiwi fruit. 
One way would be to place them in a bag along with apples. This also helps to sweeten your fruit .

Another way is to place them together with bananas . 🙂 Ripe fruit like banana contains ethylene, a natural emitted gas that hastens the ripening process.

fresh kiwi and banana

picture is credited to

Or even to leave it at room temperature and it will ripen in a few days 🙂

Also, sharing how to Store Zespri Kiwi

We recommend Zespri® Kiwifruit to be stored in the fridge. If Zespri® Kiwifruit needs further ripening, store it at room temperature, away from direct sunlight or exposure to heat.

Freezing Zespri® Kiwifruit is also an alternative option, as neither the colour nor flavour is affected by this method of storage.


Check out to find out more about the amazing benefits of eating Zespri kiwifruit regularly. And don’t forget to like their facebook page at

Share with me how do you like to eat your kiwi or what have you experience, feel free to leave a comment below :)
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