Happy Sunday Dinner with Zespri kiwi Healthy Homemade Chicken Rice


My mummy prepared this with me this Zespri kiwi healthy homemade chicken rice however we  still i believe that tian tian chicken rice will win us hahaha but the love from family is really good when we do this together.

Hope you like this. 🙂

Ingredients : 
Half chicken
1 Zespri kiwi

Steam the chicken for 30minutes.
dress up with Zespri kiwi

Review on Zespri kiwi Healthy Homemade Chicken Rice : 
i have posted this and received feedback from my facebook with a question : 

Kiwi in green tastes sour, does it match well with poach chicken?

To answer this question : in fact, i feel it makes the chicken taste better and enhance the food. this season Zespri kiwi is not that sour, it is quite sweet with a very faint tint of sour . so overall it enhance the taste of most food.

Try it yourself! and Have Fun! 🙂

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Share with me how do you like to eat your kiwi or what have you experience, feel free to leave a comment below :)
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