Hair Profile Salon – Adding Colors to My day.

hi Everyone,
we hit the 2nd Quarter of the year 2013.

New beginning, new me, new hue!
Today i am going to recommand something that is creative and yet you can do this and is perfect for work even if your are a brand manager or executive , director. Coz Colors brings life and happy mood at work. Of coz not over doing it, with subtle strip, and you can even tie your hair , throw off a blazer and it is really Awesome 🙂 something different, not the conventional type 🙂 Colors in our hair add creativeness in our look at work 🙂

Take a cue from color hair transformations and you’ll be ready to make the leap—headfirst no less. Leap and Score higher with a new look 🙂

Take a peek of my hair color and how it is done, inspired? Green is perfect for asian skin as well as expats , as well as sweet pink!  They are the paster range so it is awesome !

if you are looking for more colors, they have Lavendar, Coral, Light blue 🙂

Want to know more , walk in to Hair Profile Salon 01-91 at far east plaza (T: 6838 1811, look for kenji )


Special Promo for Hair Profile Salon at far east plaza (t: 6838 1811) Book your appointment!
Quote ‘Gin Wong‘ and enjoy 15% off all chemical treatments and a professional hair consultation with Kenji (strictly by appointment ) My usual hair stylist

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