it’s Friday ! TGIF ! First Day of 14-day Zespri Kiwifruit Challenge!

Hi everyone, it’s FRIDAY! TGIF!!! 

it is gonna be a Special friday for me because it is the First Day of 14-day Zespri Kiwifruit Challenge! And i got with me my favourite Zespri kiwifruit. i am really happy to be writing about kiwifruit because other than writing about beauty, i am really into my health and diet. Because i believe that to look good, it is really not just piling up your makeup.

i believe in looking good even the moment you wakeup or brush your teeth. i believe beauty is possible when you are healthy and happy. What we eat is really important to our health and beauty 🙂

We are what we eat which my mum always share this with me. Usually, i was encouraged to bring my own lunch box since young 🙂 And infact until today i still do so. For one reason is that, it is really healthy to eat from homemade lunchbox where salt and oil and many things can be controlled.

Another reason is that i don’t need to smell like hawker center / food court . Also, i realise that i tend to waste food if i eat out.  So, today i am going to show you what is in my lunch box on a FRIDAY!

This is specially prepared by MYSELF! heehee. i am trying out what Dr Derrick Ong from sharing on the 5 colors of food that is essential to our healthy well being.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients i have : 


1 Zespri kiwifruit (for cooking to neutralise the fishy smell)
1 Zespri kiwifruit for healthy eating as fruits , using the scooping method
10 grapes
3 tomatoes
1 bowl of mixed vegetables
1 slices of salmon
1 bowl of Fusilli

1. boil the fusilli for 8 minutes and drain of the water. mix with olive oil and salt . 2. lightly season the salmon with salt and leave it to pan fried, extract the meat out and do it chunky like.
Use kiwi juice to season the salmon chunk.
3. cut the tomato and grapes into half
4. lightly boil the mixed vegetables
5. slice the kiwi fruit and there you are! it is dressing up the lunch  box time 🙂 pretty much of your creative.

Tada… this is my Zespri Lunch Box! 🙂


And my lunch!!! 🙂 i am going to eat my salmon pasta with my kiwi 🙂

Cooking Tips of the day :
i use kiwi with salmon because i want to neutralise the fishy smell of the salmon fish. Natural Neutraliser!


i hope it really inspired you to prepare your own lunchbox or at least bring your own kiwifruit to eat after lunch with easy scoop method 🙂


Why do i like Zespri kiwifruit and even want to blog about it? 
Yes, some of you might felt that …”what, i am reading about blogger writing Zespri kiwifruit! ”

haaaa… ok yes, because i like to share more about health and beauty food that benefits everyone of us ! Ok let me put it in point form the reason why i love Zespri kiwifruit :

1. Ingestion for Digestion.
Regular consumption of Zespri kiwifruit contributes to good digestive health by reducing the feeling of bloated. Improved bowel habits
2. it is a good source of fibre and preventing constipation.
3. it is very yummy, juicy and can be easily eaten. this is suitable for people with braces as well . it is soft and great for the teeth 🙂
4. your daily scoop of amazing zespri kiwi is 2x vitamin C of oranges and 5 x nutrition of apples.
Zespri kiwi if small in size but huge on goodness! it has among the highest vitamin C of all fruits and it is also packed with fibre , folate , vitamin E and potassium!

Do you know this ? 
The skin of the kiwifruit can be eaten and is a great source of dietary fibre! {WOULD YOU DO THIS?}

i hope my sharing on Zespri kiwi fruit has inspired you to eat kiwi just like i do and also, spread and share your love with you and your family 🙂 Stay healthy and happy always! 🙂


Check out to find out more about the amazing benefits of eating Zespri kiwifruit regularly. And don’t forget to like their facebook page at

Stay tuned for how the furry little fruit can help to spice up my weekend dishes 🙂 

Share with me how do you like to eat your kiwi, feel free to leave a comment below 🙂
< hint hint, the more comment you post, you will stand to win Zespri giveaways >

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