Award Winning Best Meridian Point Massage at One Beauty Spa + Giveaways!!!

hi Everyone, i think haze really hit us quite bad on our health and working real hard without working out in swimming or gym or yoga really make me stiff and my back to ache!

As a blogger, excessive use on the computer even after work plus driving can make it worst, lot of stiff necks, shoulders lower back and waist. And Thanks to Agnes, i am going to do my Award Winning Best Meridian Point Massage at One Beauty Spa .

Meridian Point Massage has recently won the Bazaar Spa Awards 2013 , for 60mins going at $128
This massage helps strengthen the immune system and ease of all stiffness and tiredness.

How do you know when do you need a massage ? 
when your body feels :
1. constantly listless and achy
2. less productive and lost concentration
3. tired even though you get enough 8hours of sleep

The Award Winning Best Meridian Point Massage will helps clear the blockages in your meridian point and balance the flow of the blood circulation and it will also helps in stimulating the body natural healing process and stengthen it.

Also, take a lot at the award that One Beauty Spa has won from the well-known media magazine in Singapore. Plus rest assured that it is case-trust. so it is not hard-selling.


My Experience on the Award Winning Best Meridian Point Massage at One beauty Spa ( Bugis Outlet) 


i went in with a block nose and slight sore throat . Honestly speaking after stopping my yoga for 3 months, my body has not been strong and healthy. i keep falling sick on and off. not the serious ill until cannot walk or work. But more on on and off fever, running nose, sneezing coughing. so i keep popping doctor’s pill. i feel tired and listless too.


Halfway through the massage, my block nose was balance to a flow till i need to pause and ask for tissue to blow my nose.

i really love the benefits of the massage and i have very good sleep last night as well. today i feel energised at work. i feel lighter, happier and good 🙂

A Piece of Good news here to share with my readers, you get to enjoy what i do for 50% off $128 at $64  only. 

Quote July Promotion on Merdian Point Massage to enjoy the 50% off 

Bugis Tel : 6338 4979 Address: 14 Liang Seah Street

Eunos Tel : 6841 4140 Address: blk 848 #01-724 Sims Avenue

And One lucky winner who fill the below contact form will get to win yourself a complementary Award Winning Best Meridian Point Massage!

Kindly note that all your details on the form below will not appear to the people online and will be confidential into a contest email. So rest assured to fill up all required information and stand a chance to win the Award Winning Best Meridian Point Massage at One Beauty Spa. Good Luck!

Closing date : 31 July 2013!

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