HTC One ” On The Go” (Tech Review) with Faster and Better SingTel 4G Network

Hi Everyone,
it is my very first time to do a Tech Review and thanks for giving me opportunity. Here, i got myself a HTC One. you can get yours here : {CLICK HERE} for the price, it is available in black or silver 🙂

Here’s my review of using HTC One after 2 weeks 🙂 

This is how it looks on the Screensaver shot and home screen. not far from iPhone or Samsung as a SmartPhone


Design Showcase
Full Metal and zero gaps. This design is so unique that i hear lots of rave when i use it. -Smart phone with a even smarter design. It gives a really professional look 🙂

it is also pretty lightweight 🙂 and handy for me to carry around. it weights 143g. 🙂

HTC BlinkFeedTM All your favourite content streamed live. This is the favourite part of the phone that i like. Your home screen lives in the moment.

I love this where i cannot find it on my iphone or samsung phone. This is really impressive especially for me as a blogger who is very much engaged in twitter and samsung.


Amazing camera : with Continuous Shooting function 

A True digital camera on my phone . Even the front camera can capture really good shots

Do you regret missing the best moments because you need to wait for your camera between each shot? The dedicated HTC ImageChip processes each image at incredibly fast speeds so you can take up to 99 non-stop, rapid-fire shots. Then you just pick out the very best ones to keep or share.

4-megapixel camera and a 28mm equivalent lens with a fast maximum aperture of f/2 and optical image stabilizer. HTC’s so-called “UltraPixel” camera features a backside-illuminated sensor with a pixel size of 2.0 µm

Low Light Function it captures more light. you capture more magic. My photo looks nice and brighter. 🙂

it can capture more light 300% more light . That’ll brighten smiles. For this feature, i would say it really suits blogger like myself. i dont have to bring two camera. in fact i can use the phone for twitter, facebook and instagram as well as my blog.

Better Singtel  4G Network

1 . SingTel has in place an ongoing 3G network enhancement island-wide to boost capacity and coverage which is prioritised based on customer feedback.
2. SingTel has completed 90% of its network upgrade to provide accelerated network
3. SingTel subscribers can enjoy a worry-free surfing experience with SingTel’s data alerts to monitor and manage data effectively.
4. SingTel is committed to providing the best and fastest mobile surfing experience that help subscriber with seamless and reliable connectivity
5. SingTel 4G subscriber  can enjoy nationwide street-level high speed internet as well as indoor coverage in more than 550 buildings , including shopping malls, hotels and comercial properties.

With so many good features of both HTC one and Singtel better and faster 4G network, i just can’t get my eyes off my HTC One phone 🙂


I find that this YouTube video was really good .. 20+ Tips and Tricks for HTC One for sharing 🙂

Credit to motodroidlife

If you are considering a new phone, i would recommand you HTC One . Check out at the nearest singtel store 🙂 Have a Happy Weekend!

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